Saturday, July 09, 2005

Twelve Wild Swans

Some time ago a friend told me she wanted to form a group to read and study "The Twelve Wild Swans" by Starhawk and Hilary Valentine. I already tried to do this with the Witches of the Rose, but somehow that didn't work out. I regret that, so this was my chance to start once more.
Last night we had our first get-together to talk about how we'll do it and plan ahead. We decided to work through the book by path: first the elemental Path, than the Inner Path and last the Outer Path. We'll start after the summer holidays. We'll have our first "official" meeting at September 9. I'm looking forward to read the book again!

About the book...
A fairy tale about twelve wild swans is transformed into a set of instructions for an initiatory journey into the world of magic and Witchcraft. The lessons set out in The Spiral Dance are taken to a more profound level in this book, the first ever written to provide advanced magical training.
A sourcebook for circles, covens, and groups, this volume instructs on three levels: the craft of magical training, inner-spiritual development, and outer work in the greater world. Each chapter of the book is constructed to accommodate three levels of experience, and three areas of focus. The Element Path teaches the basic tools of our tradition, the Inner Path directs those tools toward our own personal and individual healing, while the Outer Path helps us to take these tools out into the community to inspire change, build community, and confront the unhealthy power structures in our society.

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