Sunday, July 24, 2005

Tour de Lance, number 7!!!

It's official, HE DID IT! Lance Armstrong took his 7th Tour de France victory in a row. Man, did he deserve it...!!! He is the very best, but also a nice person interested in every cyclist in the tour. His preparations are called fanatic; maybe they are, but it sure pays off! Only he can do this... I've been his fan ever since I first saw him on Dutch television, long before his illness and the Tour victories. I was devastated when I heard about the cancer, but always believed in his comeback. And what a comeback it has been... I know this is his last performance as a professional. He'll be greatly missed, even if he will show up as a part of the Discovery Team staff or something. I'm sure this won't be the last we'll see and hear from him.

I know he probably won't read this, but still I say:
Thank You, Lance, for everything!!!

He shared the podium with his twin daughters and son Luke while Sheryl Crow, friends and family were watching. I'm so glad they were all there for him. He looks great and happy with his kids. Tonight he'll throw a big party and tomorrow he'll take his family and friends to the south of France to enjoy a well-deserved holiday. Enjoy your time off, Lance. I wish you all the best and more.

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