Tuesday, July 26, 2005


This is a picture of our cat Snoopy when she sat on my keyboard last week. Today I had to let her go... She was old (16) and lately her health was failing. There wasn't much the vet or we could do, conditions of old age. To treat one problem would only worsen another. She didn't have any pain, ate and drank enough; she just got very thin.
The last days she started to wobble a bit. I knew her end was coming... I did all I could to make it easier on her. I let her sleep on my chest at night, carried her around in my arms, I stroke her as often as she wanted, gave her reiki, etc.
Today she was deteriorating rapidly. I hoped she would pass away on her own at home, but her little heart was too strong. When the vet gave her an anaesthetic, she didn't react and the final injection wasn't even necessary...
Her tiny body will be cremated, her soul will join those of our other pets at the rainbow bridge...

May 25, 1989 - † July 26, 2005

I'll never forget you, sweetie. You're in my heart forever...

A new candle is burning in front of my biggest Bast statue. I know she'll take care of my little darling.

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  1. haaaaaai :)
    Even een post opgezocht die niet over hekserij gaat, want daar weet ik niets van af, en dan wordt reageren ook lastig.
    Volgens mij had ik al eens gereageerd op het overlijden van Snoopy, maar ik kan het hier niet vinden dus vast op LJ!
    Nog steeds veel sterkte, Snoopy heeft toch een lange tijd deel uitgemaakt van jullie leven dus het verdriet is niet zo snel over denk ik.


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