Monday, July 11, 2005

The Goddess Research Survey

I participated in a research study on goddess honoring spirituality.
Here's the invitation:


If you are interested in participating in a research study on goddess honoring spirituality too, please complete the Survey.

Available: July 8th – August 5th online
Location: On the Web
1. women 18 or older
2. read and write English
3. honor Goddess(es) or feminine deities in your spiritual path

New Data: Personal benefits gained by honoring goddess(es) /feminine divine
Time Needed: 10-20 minutes (don’t over-think the questions and it moves very quickly)
Confidential: All data collected and your email address are kept confidential
Results: Are available whether you complete the survey or not, go to Survey for info.
Researching: Potential positive personal benefits of honoring goddess(es)/feminine divine
Contribute: Your input to be gathered for academic researchers to add to their knowledge

I plan to do a study on men and other research at a later date. For more details go to the Survey and look for the detail description.

Please notify your members, email lists, mailing list, stores, circle / coven / grove or others who you feel may be interested. I need your help getting the word out to the Pagan community world wide.

I very much appreciate your help.

Rebecca Busby
Doctoral student in Clinical Psychology
California Institute of Integral Studies
San Francisco, California


  1. Anonymous9/8/05 16:24

    I am glad to see women from all parts of the world take this survey. I live in the United States and I did it!

    Blessed Be


  2. Thank you, that's why I've put it in my log too. The Pagan Federation and several forums have spread the word in Europe.
    I'm very curious what the final results will be!

    B*B, Tink


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