Sunday, July 10, 2005

Witchy Girls Night

About once per three months I go to a meeting called Witchy Girls Night, hosted by a friend in Amsterdam. In April I went to the first meeting and yesterday was the second. As the name already shows, it's for girls/women only. This time the theme was "Goddesses", so we all brought statues and other stuff to decorate the room. I had taken one of my Bast statues and a goddess oracle. The weather was great so we first sat outside in the garden and talked while enjoying drinks and delicacies.
After nine we started with the ritual. The altar looked beautiful! We casted the circle from hand to hand like in the Phyllis Curott workshop. We all told something about our personal goddesses and how we connected with them. First we passed an obsidian (widdershins) in which we put something we want to get rid off. After that we passed a rock-crystal (deosil). By giving it to the woman next to us we wished them something good to take from it. The bread was a special one in the shape of the sun. I just nipped from the wine (I don't drink alcohol). Before we closed the circle we drew cards from another Goddess Oracle. My card was Nu Kua. She brings order in your life in an attainable way (not too much, not too little).
After the ritual we grounded and talked, until we had to go home. Our host has buried the obsidian in her garden after offering the remains of the cake & wine. Mother Earth can absorb the negativity and make something positive out of it again. It was an inspiring evening with friends.

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