Monday, July 04, 2005

Robbie Williams rocks Hyde Park!

Live 8 was awesome, but Rob's performance was absolutely the very best. The crowd was his, he IS a born entertainer. I know I'm biased, but not only RW-fans think so. All the newspapers and other critics agree. I couldn't watch his performance live, because we had to go to a party, but I taped 5 hours of Live 8. At least that's what I thought... Sunday morning I found out that BBC had switched from 2 to BBC 1, so I had a lot of Wimbledon and not a second of Live 8. I was soooo angry and disappointed!! But of course fans are there to help each other out and I received the performance as a file. It was GREAT. Live Aid had Freddie Mercury, Live 8 had Robbie Williams... (just one of the headlines).

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