Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Occult Café

I'm a member of the Occult Forum and attended several meetings in the past. Last year they started the Occult Café in Almelo. It's in another part of The Netherlands, not exactly near me. Lately there had been some agitation on the forum (all solved now), so I really wanted to go this time. Some people from the SFGA were going and I could get a lift from Amsterdam Central Station. The drive took over an hour. It was good to see Molaris and Aphrodite Moira again, along with other familiar and completely new faces. We had a great evening and before we knew it was time to go again. It didn't take long before the couple on the back seats fell asleep against each other; they looked quite cute and cosy together. I was home around 1.30am.
This morning I was up early with Ron, but went back to bed after he left. I just got out. Still very tired, but it was worth it!

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