Thursday, December 29, 2005

Overdue post

Busy, busy, busy and a lot of sleep because of the fatigue. Some things I forgot to tell about (or didn't find the time):

My mum is feeling a bit better thanks to the new medicines. I'm still doing most things for her. She doesn't dare to go outside alone, so last week I took her with me for her christmas shopping. She was very tired afterwards, but glad to be out again. Just in time, because it's snowy and slippery in the streets since Boxing Day.

The weekend before christmas was a very busy one.
Fridaynight Llewella celebrated her graduation; she's a certified dentist now. I wanted something original, so I filled a glass vase with candy in the shape of dentures and teeth and topped it off with two candy teats (also dentures). -picture- I had made a card to go with it, again with a dental theme. We enjoyed the party very much.
Saturday I drove to the Tulip Inn in Hilversum for a day of training and consultation for volunteers of the SABN (see this post). It was my first time and very interesting. We got a peek at the new website, that will be launched in January. Much better!
Sunday I was at the Midwinterfair in themepark Archeon. I met a lot of acquaintances and friends. Gaialynn was there in a wheel chair; Archeon is big and walking distances is still too tiring for her. It was so good to see her again, she looks great. Here is a picture of us in the storyteller's cottage. I had a wonderful time, but didn't buy much: a Tinkerbell ornament and a clasp for my cloak.

Thursday the 22nd the SFGA celebrated Yule at the home of one of the members. I was early and helped to decorate. This is the Midwintertable with branches of pine, mistletoe and berries; of course completed with a lot of candles to celebrate the returning light after the longest night. We didn't do a ritual, just enjoyed a very pleasant evening together.

Friday before christmas we sat front row in the local theatre for a cabaret performance called "Antiquariaat Oblomow" by Van Muiswinkel & Van Vleuten. It was the last of their performances with this piece, so we had something extra at the end. I liked the show very much!

Saturday I was invited to join in at the christmas breakfast of my former aquajogging group. I had to stop because doing both aquajogging and aquaspinning is too expensive. I still have contact with some of the group and Joke is still a member of both groups. It was a nice morning in good company. In the evening I had a bad headache and went to bed early.
Christmas day started with the smashed car window, but got better later. In the afternoon we paid a visit to Joke & Leo, where my mother was too. We dined at home.
Boxing day we drove to Breda, where we spent the afternoon and evening with WonderWillow and his mother. I had bought them both a little present, Wonder a book about art and his mum a book about cats. We were all dressed up: Ron in his wedding jacket and I wore a red skirt & blouse and make-up (wow, second time this year!). The dinner was veeery yummy! Later in the evening IJs en Llewella joined us. When we drove home it started snowing more heavily, so I was glad Ron was at the wheel!

This week Ron doesn't have to work. Well, at least not at his job... Leo and Ron really did a lot of work downstairs. The kitchen area ia almost done. They worked hard to get the section ready where the machines will be: washer, dryer and dishwasher. My mum did our laundry for the past few years, but it's too much for her now. It was finished today! More pics in our online album of the rebuilding downstairs.

Tonight from 8pm until midnight is Robbie-evening on Veronica TV: The Making of Rock DJ, The Show Off Must Go On, The Robbie Williams Show and The Making of Intensive Care. Yay! You know where to find me this evening......


  1. Wat fijn dat het weer iets beter gaat met je moeder. Het zal voor jullie ook erg moeilijk zijn, deze situatie.

    Ik heb gisteren ook een stukje van Robbie Williams zitten kijken, en ik moet zeggen dat hij me weer een beetje mee is gevallen. Normaal vind ik hem een beetje irritant, maar met zijn interview valt de persoon áchter Robbie Williams - the Entertainer - wel mee :)

    Ik wens jou en je familie een hele fijne jaarswisseling, en ik hoop dat de gezondheid van je moeder vooruit gaat!


  2. Anonymous3/1/06 17:19

    Hey meis, wat een verbouwing hebben jullie zeg. Maar er wordt een hoop mooi werk verricht voor zover ik in jullie album kan zien.



  3. Ja het wordt zeker mooi, maar ik ben wel blij dat het beneden echt opschiet nu. Als we daar klaar zijn, nemen we even rust voor we boven beginnen. Dat kan gelukkig per kamer, dus dat is een stuk beter te overzien.
    Als we beneden wonen, kunnen we de SFGA wel een keer bij ons doen als open huis! :-)


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