Tuesday, December 20, 2005

My mother

My mother hasn't felt good for some time. Last week it got a bit worse. She is short of breath and keeps too much fluid in her whole body: esp. legs, but also behind her lungs. Her GP gave her pills to drain it off. He suspects the fluid behind her lungs comes from her heart, so he referred her to the cardiologist. In the meantime she can't go outside alone, take a shower alone, etc. So I run her errands, do her shopping and keep her company a lot. I live nearby and I don't mind. I just wish I could do more (like housekeeping things), but I lack the energy.
I'm worried though... She has a history of heart problems (5 bypasses, 2 serious coronaries) and is almost 70 (in February). She's still smoking way too much, but I've stopped commenting on that years ago. It's useless. I hope we'll be able to see the cardiologist soon.
If you can, please: light a candle, send some energy or just think of her. I'd appreciate everything anyone can do!

17.46u: I've made an appointment for January 11.


  1. oh my ... that does not sound overly promising ...

    I will pray for her. That is all I can do. Hope she gets better!

  2. My mother is 83 and has had bad health for the last 3 years. I know exactly what you are going through. You can only physically do so much and it is emotionally draining as well.

    The way I feel...the older I get and the longer I have my mom...the more spoiled I become.

    I know miracles happen every day so I will pray for your mom and that she will recover and be with you for a long time coming.


  3. Heel, heel erg veel sterkte!

    Een kaarsje gaat aan en in gedachten zal ik zeker bij je moeder en bij jullie zijn.

    Liefs en heel veel sterkte,
    Sophy en Denice

  4. I will pray for your mother as well. I hope things work out well, and may the Goddess smile on you both.

  5. Heel veel sterkte Tink, aan zowel jou, jouw moeder, als je familie.
    Ik hoop dat met het onderzoek wat meer helderheid komt.
    Ik zal aan jullie denken.

    Dikke knuffel,

  6. Sincere thanks to all of you! I'll keep you posted.

  7. Hoe gaat het inmiddels met je moeder, Tink?

  8. Lief dat je het vraagt! Ik heb vanmiddag een update gepost. Voorlopig is het even afwachten tot we naar de cardioloog zijn geweest.


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