Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Yuletide wish

May this Yule bring you
love, peace, health and good fortune
in the coming year!
Love and light to all
whatever your faith or path
Best wishes for a merry time!


  1. Amaterasu epodan21/12/05 11:02

    I wish you a merry Yule!

    (voor de verandering maar eens in het engels)

    Blessed be,

  2. Een heel fijne yule, kerst, nieuw jaar (en wat je ook nog meer wilt vieren) gewenst, en ik wens jou en je naasten veel geluk en gezondheid toe!


  3. Dear Tink~
    Wishing you & yours a merry holiday & the happiest new year filled with health, happiness, peace & proseperity & lots of glitter :) !!! ***Did you ever receive my e-mail?
    ((Hugs)) to you from across the pond,
    AngelByTheC* & =^..^=

  4. Wishing you a merry bright time Tink.Wrapped and warmed may you be within the seasonal beauty.

  5. Thank you for your good wishes your light and your friendship.

  6. Thank you all!

    @Angel: I don't think I got your e-mail. :-(

  7. Heerlijke dagen en een heel gezond en gelukkig nieuw jaar!

    En een dikke kus voor je kaart ;)

    Veel liefs, P.

  8. Tink~ Just re-sent the e-mail but I may have jusat seen a problem... Is your e-mail addy listed here correctly? I sent it to tinkerbell1968 (with two "L"'s as the name is spelled by Disney. Is oyur e-amil just with one L on the end os tinkerbell??? Yikes, wonder who would be getting my e-mail? It is listed here with one "L". What I sent is coming from my personal e-mail account that starts with "STAR"... don't want to list it here... sorry all :) PLEASE let me know the correct e-mail addy. Mine may be going to your junk mail? Hope to hear from you... I will ck here again for your response... Maybe that's why I haven't heard from you... been sending to tinkerbell1968! OMG!!!!!!

  9. merry meet Tink,
    ik wens je een fijne Yule periode
    Liefs Laïs

  10. Oh dear... My hotmailaccount is with one L, because the one with two was taken: tinkerbel1968 is the good one. I rarely use my hotmail for e-mail; I opened it for MSN messenger. If you want to mail me, use the Gmail ( or Quicknet (tinkerbell) account.

  11. OMG! Wonder who has been recieving my e-mails to you?
    I will resend the e-mail again... Be sure to look for it... ***I did receive your gorgeous holiday card in today's mail! Thank you so very much I LOVE IT!!! Wish they had that little character in my country. I would love some cards with her on it feathers, magic star wand and all! Glad you translated forme! LOL you 'd be surprised how many don't remember to do that! I hope your holiday is truly awesome and that Santa is very good to you this x-mas!!! I will be sending you a snail mail reply as soon as the P.O. reopens this week. Need the appropriate postage for over the pond! ((Hugs)) to you & furbabes too!
    xoxox "cyber SIL"
    p.s.~ you asked if I have a blog? No not yet. Have no idea which sites to choose from... IN 2006 when either this computer is fixed or I get a new one, then I would try a blog... used to love writing in a journal... be well dear CvL!!!


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