Sunday, December 25, 2005

So this is Christmas...

And what have we done... deserve this?
In the middle of the night we heard the doorbell ring. We live across a pub, so we thought people coming out of it were being "funny" by ringing all the doorbells in the street (wouldn't be the first time). However, it kept on ringing, so Ron went downstairs to answer. It was the pub-owner with some strange story (obviously impossible). Turned out our rear car window was smashed... ***insert term of abuse***
Fortunately we have a garage, so Ron drove the car in and we went back to sleep. Well, sleep... Not much I'm afraid. In the morning Ron called CarGlass and he could come and get a temporary replacement window almost right away. They'll have to order a new window, but it will be there later this week. We were glad to hear the insurance covers the costs, except € 68 for our own risk. But still........ Merry Christmas!!!


  1. Who knows why things happen...basically because their are a few ugly people in this world for shure. Sorry you had to go through that and around the holidays is even more disturbing.

    Shake it off and don't let if ruin your spirit.

  2. Jemig Tink, wanneer leren mensen nou eens een keer om met hun takken van andermans spullen te blijven!?
    Verder is er toch niets uit de auto weggenomen?
    Je kan verdorie niets meer onbewaakt buiten laten staan...
    Leuk zo'n gedachte voor het nieuwe jaar... :S

  3. @ Connie: I'd never want to grant them the pleasure of ruining my X-mas. We had wonderful days and enjoyed ourselves nevertheless!

    @ Nathalie: Gelukkig is er verder niets weg. Waarschijnlijk is het "gewoon" vandalisme geweest...

  4. I am glad to hear that they couldn't ruin your holiday. Sorry about the window, but that is much more easily replaced than the happy memories that could have been lost if you had let this situation prevent making them.

  5. Jee...da's allemaal niet zo fraai. Gelukkig is er inderdaad niets weg. Maar toch heb ik moeite met dit soort gevallen. Mensne hebben gewoon weinig respect meer voor andermans spulletjes.



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