Sunday, January 08, 2006

First anniversary SFGA

Around this time the SFGA (Dutch abbreviation for Spiritual Philosophic Society Amsterdam) celebrates its first anniversary; time for a party!
Yesterday evening we gathered with members and guests in restaurant-café "In de Waag" in Amsterdam. We had booked the Klovenierskamer (arquebusiers room), an attractive space upstairs where we had met before. With old bookcases, lots of candles, an arched window... the room has its own pleasant atmosphere.
Entertainment was in the capable hands of Donderelf: Philip and Theresia van der Zee. Philip tells compelling tales from all quarters of the world in his own fascinating manner. Theresia accompanies the stories on her ever enchanting harp. The harp was only just decorated in a unique way with beautiful and very detailed illustrations, that fit the harp perfectly. When Philip was telling a story, I was intrigued by the paintings on the harp. The music and story seemed to make them come alive. As always the public hung to Philip's lips; even when he told the great story of Balder which I heard before, I was all ears.
Before and after the stories we chatted amongst ourselves. Interesting discussions alternated with small talk while we had drinks and snacks. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we almost forgot the time. Some of us missed the last metro, but in the end everyone got home or to their car. I was home around half past one.
The past week I've been ill (migraine, period, flu), so after such a night I'm pretty exhausted and apathetic. Nevertheless I'm very glad I decided to go, 'cause I wouldn't want to have missed this!!
(pics made by IJs)


  1. Klinkt goed! Je zou er bijna voor naar A'dam afreizen ;)

    Liefs, P.

  2. Doen! Je bent van harte welkom! :-)

  3. Ga ik ook gewoon een keer doen, maar even deze maand niet... Lappenmand ;) maar ik zet het zeer zeker neer voor dit jaar!

    Liefs, P.


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