Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Update mum

This morning my mum had the appointment with the cardiologist. I picked her up early, so she wouldn't have to hurry or worry. Just when we were at the hospital she remembered the doctor's referral letter was still at the table at home... So I raced home and we were back at the hospital at one minute to nine. Hurry, worry, stress!
After making an electrocardiogram (ECG) the cardiologist asked questions and did some examinations. She was very kind and reassuring. After doing blood tests and a cardiograph we returned to her and had another consultation. She strongly recommended my mother to quit smoking. On February 7 we have to go to another hospital for a heartscan. The new appointment with the cardiologist is a week later (Feb. 15). That's when we'll hear the overall results.
What we've heard today... The fluid behind her lungs is almost gone. Bloodpressure was better (130/70). Weight is still low (48 kilo, after breakfast with clothes on). Her heart is beating too fast; she's getting another medicine to slow it down. It is also beating irregular and arrhythmical. The valve of her aorta is leaking and constricted by calcification (hardening). The whole heart is enlarged, because it has to work extra hard.
My medical English isn't that good (feel free to correct me), so I hope it is clear!


  1. My prayers are still with you and your mother. I hope the news you receive next month is good news.

  2. Hope your mom continues to improve, and I really hope she is able to quit smoking. I know thats a really difficult thing for many people, but I'm sure it would help her enormously!

  3. All the best to your mother. I hope she continues to feel better!

    My father is 91 and he stopped smoking two years ago. He smoked since he was like 14. Believe it or not it has made him feel better even at his age. Good luck to your mom.


  4. Thanls all!

    @Connie: good for your father! That's something I'll tell my mum. I keep trying to convince her.


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