Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Inner woman

Last weekend I went to a two-day-meeting of the Vrouwenontmoeting forum (vrouwen=women, ontmoeting=meeting) in a group building in Heeze. We were there with about 10 women, some known some unknown to me. It was a nice group, felt good. We had great weather: cold (freezing) but dry and sunny.
Everyone brought something for lunch, dinner, breakfast and/or between. I had taken care of the non-alcoholic part of the drinks. The food was very delicious and extensive! Everyone had done their best, yum-yum!
In the afternoon we made a trance journey to discover/meet our inner woman. We had all taken something to represent femininity. I took my Gaia statue, but there was a diversity of objects: make-up brush, pics of pregnancy, rubber hairband, Goddess pendant, oceandrum, sanitary towel, other women statues. The journey itself was very interesting. Afterwards everyone shared their experience, very different but still with similarities. I met two inner women: a perfect one (tall, long blond hair, slim, elegant) and one like the Venus of Willendorf (like this). They held my statue together and told me: "We are both part of you, don't separate us, we are one." When I answered I knew, they said: "Then do something with that!" They sounded nice and caring, but firm. I understand the message.....
In the evening we sat around the stove and talked about our backgrounds, paths, femininity, etc. It was a very interesting discussion and good to get to know eachother better. Unfortunately 2 women had to go home, but I was glad they had taken the time and effort to come! In a corner of the large room we did a little spontaneous ritual. Afterwards some went to bed, I stayed downstairs with a few others and we talked and laughed until late.
Early in the morning I woke up. I dressed myself and put on my new necklace (I made it myself in a workshop last Thursday). We had a huge breakfast around half past nine with freshly-squeezed orange juice. After the dishes most of us went for a walk in the beautiful neighbourhood. When we got back it was time to pack up and go.
Ladies, thanks for a wonderful weekend!!!!!


  1. Anonymous31/1/06 17:46

    Wauw, je hebt het mooi beschreven.
    Nog steeds loop ik na te genieten en gaan er nog dingen door mijn hoofd. Het was een geweldig samen zijn. Jij ook bedankt!
    Liefs Laïs

  2. Anonymous31/1/06 21:45

    Ik ben er ook nog steeds van aan het nagenieten. Mooi zoals je het hebt opgeschreven.

    Knuffel en kus

  3. Klinkt weer goed, Tink :)

  4. Wat een geweldige foto's zeg...
    Ook hier heeft het hele weekend een geweldige uitwerking, en ik denk dat ik de herinneringen nog lang met me mee zal dragen.

    Dikke kus voor al je liefs!

  5. Ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja!

    Helemaal goed.

    Dikke kus, P.

  6. how did you get by that picture of me in the nude??



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