Tuesday, January 24, 2006

WW: Spiritual Places

Give us a tour, some images, or detailed descriptions of your sacred space(s). Be it a small table in your room, a small trip through the woods, etc. Show us where a spiritual place is for you.
I don't have a permanent altar, because there's no space for it (yet). Most of my stuff is sitting somewhere on or around my desk and other things are stored in a big basket. I burn candles in front of my big Bast statue, which is also in the living room upstairs. When we move downstairs this room will be made into two rooms again, of which I'll use the biggest one for my desk, books and (finally) my altar and witchy stuff.
I don't necessarily need to have a fixed spiritual place though. All of nature is my sacred space! When I walk along the beach or in the woods it feels spiritual, special, magical, sacred. I love to feel one with nature. If I want to do a ritual I cast a circle and that can be anywhere. Sometimes it's only an imaginary circle in my mind.


  1. interessant om te zien hoe andere mensen dit beschrijven...jammer dat er nog maar zo weinig reacties zijn!

  2. Deze opdracht/vraag blijft tot eind januari staan, dus hopelijk komen er nog meer. Ik ben ook wel nieuwsgierig!
    What about your spiritual place(s)?? :-)


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