Thursday, August 03, 2006

TT #2: Men

Thirteen men in my life

  • My dad – As a child I was mostly drawn to my father. He always had an answer to my countless questions, encouraged me in many ways, knew when to talk and when to listen, and so on and on and on…
  • Ron – The love and light of my life, my soulmate, stands by me and supports me always, husband, best friend, lover and sooo much more: my everything!
  • Gerard, my brother – Living with our parents we were like cat and dog, often at each other’s throat but still he always was and is my big brother. There was a period I hated him, but I never stopped loving him too.
  • Albert – I met him at the drum band where I was a majorette; my first boyfriend, my first real kiss.
  • Arie – The dancing partner that became my first long serious relationship. He helped me through the difficult last year at high school. He bought a house for us and we got engaged, but then he cheated on me with (what I thought was) a friend.
  • Leo, my brother-in-law - He got involved with Joke when I was little, so for me it seems like he has always been there. The first one with a car in our family, wow! Together with Joke he has always been there for me and still is, in many ways.
  • Leo, DJ in “De Bunker” – The cold facts sound deceiving (e.g. he was engaged), but he was very special in that period of my life. We talked about all kinds of things, from fun to very serious. He helped me regain my trust in men after I was raped. He gave me a wonderful “first time” and much more.
  • Rob – I knew Rob, Ron knew Rob, but we didn’t know each other. Now Rob is a friend of both of us!
  • Evert (Wonder) – the ‘newest’ man on this list. I got to know him about 5 (?) years ago online through the WhiteshadoW witches forum. We were both exploring the path in an early stadium. When we met in real life on a WhiteshadoW meeting we instantly liked each other, but it wasn’t until last year that we really made a connection. That has developed into a very deep and close friendship.
  • Mr. Vlasman, my mentor and teacher Dutch in high school – He nourished and encouraged my love for writing, reading and the Dutch language. I’m still thankful for that.
  • Robbie Williams – Yes, yes… I hear you sigh! But really, even though I don’t know him in person he definitely has an influence on my life. His music means a lot to me, I like the things he stands for and I admire him for what he has achieved.
  • Ron’s dad – Although we didn’t always see eye-to-eye I respect him. He is important to me because he is very important to Ron. I love the stories Ron tells about the times that he joined his father on his truck and travelled with him through Europe. The last time I spoke with him (before he died in surgery) he asked me to take care of his son. I hope he thinks I do.
  • I could make this list a lot longer, but it’s Thursday Thirteen… So I’ll save this spot for all the other men who influenced my life and/or are important to me now. I won’t name them all; I wouldn’t want to forget any single one of them. You know who you are, don’t you..?


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  1. What an awesome post. Really. How often do you hear women speak with pride of the men in their lives? Kudos to you.

    I love the part about your Dad. I didn't get to grow up with my father around, but he always wrote to me, thusly passing on his wonderful sense of humor.

    Yeah [sigh] sometimes men ain't half bad. ;)

  2. Wow, lots of men in your life! :)
    Great list!!

  3. what a neat tribute to some wonderful men. I like this list!
    My tt is up.

  4. great list - i have to agree with you on the brother thing - love mine to death but he could be an absolute pest when we were kids.
    drop by some time and read my tt.

  5. Good post.. Very strong and emotional..I am touched by it.

    I don't usually hook people together but I know another Robbie fan. You can check his link here:
    I also speak dutch so you may not understand the words from posting but he has tons of live Robbie vids on his site..He took tons of picutes from a Robbie concert not long ago. The last one I watched was awesome!

    Have a wonderful Thursday..
    My TT is up

  6. Wow, zo veel mannen! :) Ik denk dat ik er maar aan één, of hoogstens twee kom :)
    Ik heb mijn lijstje ook al gepost. Volgens mij kan zo iets heel verslavend werken...

  7. Wow -- this might inspire me to be a little nicer to man instead of bashing them all the time -- thank you for the reminder.

    My Thursday Thirteen is up!

    Happy Thursday!

  8. Great post - I tend to be closer to men than I am women.....My very best friend in the world is a man....

    I played too

  9. my dad is my hero. He's the only man that's always been there. Now if I can just find a husband that's even half of what my dad is.

  10. Terrific list!
    Thanks for dropping by my tt.
    I've enjoyed your site. I'll be back to visit again, soon.

  11. I agree with stacy. It's nice you can still recall all of them. Of course who wouldn't remember such wonderful men.
    Thanks for dropping by.

  12. Oh, what a great list, nice to remember all those important men in our lives...I live Robbie Williams as well, and it is the only one I know from your list! Happy TT!

  13. Nice list - it's important to recognize the important people in your life. Very cool.

    Thanks for visiting my TT - I hope you'll enter a post in the Pass the Torch contest!

  14. Wow! I have three brothers and a husband and I still don't think I have 13 men in my life!

    Thanks for sharing, and mine is up too now :)

  15. Very cool... you've got some great men in your life!

  16. Very nice list! It seems like you have a lot of wonderful men in your life!

    Thanks for the visit.

  17. That's so nice for you to look back at who has been important to you!!! Happy TT!

  18. Thirteen men. Now that was creative.

  19. Great idea for a list. I'll have to steal it some Thursday. Thanks for stopping by my T13.

  20. Hmmmmmmmm........I could never do that! I don't have that many men in my life! Ton's of gf's though.

    Happy Thursday!

  21. Wow what a great list. I may have to borrow your idea. I enjoyed your T13!

  22. Great list. I miss my Dad, who has been gone for 15 years.

    My TT is up.

  23. What a wonderful list! Makes me want to do my own. Jenny, a TT newbie :)

  24. your relationship with your brother reminds me of me and my brother hehehe...

    sometimes we still "pretend we can't stand each other"

  25. You always remember your first kiss!

  26. that is a great list. Thanks for dropping by my site. I'll visit again soon.

  27. Well...

    I haven't got a blogspot (I'm a poor diary writer) but I like the Thursday thirteen initiative! I feel veryveryvery gratefull to be added in that list!
    I can give it a shot in the comments. But, because I'm a man, I'll give you the thirteen women in my life.....

    1 of course, my mum.
    Safe, sound and happy. Has always been there for me, with a lot of support, in many many ways.

    2 My good friend Tink, or Cora. Do you know that feeling? you meet someone, and you've got the feeling that you know each other for ages. Well.... that kind of friendship. For unsensored comment, for true friendship, for communication without words, for the same intrests in shopping andsooneandsooneandsoone....

    3 Kaya. A child I nursed in a nursinghome in switserland. Had an inpact on me like it was my own child. She was handicaped, couldn't speak. And when you can't speak, you speak through the heart. And that is the way we communicated. She was the first that speaked to me in dreams (my first lucid dream).

    4 Christine
    Her mother. My mental support in heavy times in switserland.

    5 Eliane
    Another person from the 'swiss times'. Friend ever since. Supported me with warm friendship, in switserland, and, in Holland, since I went back home.

    6 Miek
    My first love, with I'm still close. A friend, a relationship (??) well. The connection is that strong that we considered a relationship. But where two strong carracters meet, two colide. Still very close friends, and supporting each other.

    7 Mathilde. My first platonic love. Was not interested in me, but she was one of the first girls that stole my heart. (But I stole it back).

    8 Anneleen. She gave me the first flush on the mouth. We were very much in love. But she was to young, and I to old, so mum and dad didn't agree.....

    9 Kristel.
    Friend I know from nursing school. A friend who is there in the momentswhen everybody disappears....

    10 Annemiek
    Also from nursingschool. A friend for a laugh, a friend for a good discussion.

    11 Alexandra
    Well, from the same time. We had a school vacation, and she fled the house where she was staying, because of the constant arguments. Visited me in switserland, with Annemiek and Arno.

    12 Angel - ina
    A angel in my sky! When I was depressed, she was there for me, we still meet, know each other from the WS witches forum.

    13 Reese Witherspoon
    Well you've got to have a movey idol. Followed ever since 'the man in the moon'. Still like her, because well... hmm, I find here rather beautifull. Not like all the other hollywood women. Not the beauty role model, but very nice, very nice indeed.....

  28. Sounds like you have some really wonderful men in your life! You're very fortunate, and it's great that you appreciate them.

    This subject would make for a nice Thursday One on my blog. LOL

    Thanks for joining in!

  29. What a great list! Thanks for sstopping by!!

  30. Thanks for visiting me. Sorry it took me so long to get around but I'm having internet 'issues'.

    Nice list. At first I thought it would be hard to come up with a list of 13 men since I have no brothers but on second thought I have 4 BIL's and lotsa nephews & cousins who are men.

    OK so I have to admit I don't know who Robbie Williams is but I'm sure if I read your blog I'll find out! :)


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