Saturday, May 03, 2008


Wednesday and Thursday we had the Beltane-meeting in Hengelo. We had a great time, everything went very good and I think it was a big success! The weather was much better than the forecasts had promised. The drumcircle and ritual were intense and beautiful. I'll share the rest of my story and some pictures later, because I'm still recuperating.


  1. Blessed Beltane to you.

  2. I want more, I want more!... Can't wait dear!

  3. Wayhey! I remembered it was Walpurgisnacht but had a tough time explaining it to the crowd I was with - only one Dennis Wheatley fan!

    Did the kitties enjoy it?

  4. Good to know you had a great time - looking forward to the reports!

    Wishing you a lovely Sunday evening and a wonderful week ahead!


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