Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another week

And then, before you know it, it's Wednesday again and you haven't written a post for a week. Time flies... It's not that I haven't got something to write about! :-)

I'm making my own lavender oil. I'm using the cold and slow method: lavender blossom in a jar, fill it up with peanut oil and put it in a sunny place. Daily shake and turn the jar. It already smells wonderful, but it will take some more time to be ready. Then I can sieve and bottle it. Pictures: after shaking, close-up and after a while.

Ron is working again, starting with 3 days, 4 hours. They have given him something useful to do, that makes use of his skills and experience. He's really enjoying it. It's strange to be home alone again, but I'm very happy he is so much better. I wouldn't wish such a burn-out on anyone...
Mentally he is getting there again, but unfortunately his back is playing up now. He has severe pain and got painkillers and physiotherapy twice a week. I hope it will soon be over!

Last Friday I picked up Wonder in Rijen to go shopping in Breda. He's slowly progressing, but still has a lot of pain. It's not easy, but he is making the best of it. He started a correspondence course in coaching and counselling. That will be an excellent addition to his own business. He works together with a reintegration bureau to put it on the map when he's ready and able to work again.
He really needed to get out of the house and do something else though. Breda is a wonderful city. When we walked into the city centre Wonder saw something moving on the street. It was a little tit. I carefully put it in my hands. It couldn't fly and was trembling, but otherwise it looked fine. We looked around, but couldn't find the mother, the nest or other birds. We walked into a square with grass and trees. There were other tits but also some cats, so we couldn't just put it on the ground. We asked a telephone book and called the local pet shelter. They agreed to pick up the little one at the Tourist Office, so that's were I left him behind. In the short time he had gotten used to me somehow and protested softly. The girl there was very nice and asked my mobile number. When the tit was taken away by the people of the pet shelter, she called me. My little friend was doing fine and he'll survive. Good news!
The weather was good and we had a great time. Not all shops were easily accessible for the wheelchair, but we managed okay. We lunched in an outdoor café. We bought the same book by Erika Dühnfort about Irish deity, heroes and druids. Of course we visited some "new age" shops like Chi Levenskracht (they sell the Chi essential oils, but are no longer related). For dinner we stumbled upon a wonderful tapas restaurant: Plan B. Sitting outside, looking at the people passing, we were served by the very friendly owner. The tapas were very yummy!

It had been quite a busy week, so we didn't plan much for the weekend. Nevertheless we didn't have very early nights... Saturday evening we went to Rons sister and brother-in-law in Beverwijk and were home late. Sunday evening we picked up friends at Schiphol Airport; they came home from a holiday on Crete. We stayed for a while and it was late again. :-) Fortunately I have slept a few times during the day.

Yesterday I mustered up my courage and stepped on the scales. The last few months have not been my best food-wise and that's putting it mildly. So I knew the figure on the display wouldn't exactly please me. Well, it didn't. In fact I was a bit shocked: 112 kilo (247 lbs.), aaaaarrgghh!!! I know I did that all by myself and I know what I have to do now. Not going on a crash diet, but watch my intake and make it better, more regular and healthier again. It's a lifelong assignment, or curse... Or as Garfield puts it:


  1. Thank you everyone for your comments!

    The Mommy--you're the first one that's ever commented on the daily trivia. Thanks!

    Sheila, Thanks! Buffy was an awesome dog. Your response alone made this post worthwhile.

    Kath, thanks for the kind words, they're much appreciated. I usually vote for your blog as well. Nice *ss-kicking you handed me! You should try whitewater rafting...there are rivers and experiences out there for any kind of comfort level--not all whitewater is white-knuckled death-defying adventure.

    Mrs. Mecomber, I agree, the photo is spectacular. Just email me at

    Tink, Olivia and Karen were great friends, Olivia did a lot of covers in the 70s before Grease, and Karen used to sing a lot of her songs as well...all were rare, and usually only performed live.

    Mariuca, thanks so much for the kind words. Buffy was our childhood dog. She was absolutely amazing.

    Matt, thanks for the comments and encouragement....was feeling a little mushy yesterday. Time to get back to the dark and "manly" side with today's post.

    Thanks again, everyone!

  2. Hi Tink, good luck on the good-food-track. I'm there too, so I'm supporting you all the way. Chi used to be owned by a friend of mine, Pauline, but I haven't spoken to her in years. Is she still the owner?


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