Friday, July 18, 2008

Medieval Kampen

Yesterday Ron, IJs and I drove to Kampen for a medieval event: "Campement van Campen" (Encampment of Campen), organized by the Ridders van de IJssel (Knights of the IJssel). On a square in the historical city center were all kinds of activities. Although the weather was imminent, we were lucky to keep it dry most of the time, just some heavy showers a few times.
There were stalls all around the square with herbal remedies, a medieval mustard maker, a potter, a silversmith, a blacksmith, a wood carver and lots more. The (real!) mayor of Kampen and his wife visited the square, dressed up in style. Enactment players and artists were all dressed up in medieval clothing too. One of them was Aye de Lichtekooi (the "Light Woman"), who was busy seducing men all day. The green goblins of Greenthingz were great as usual!
The children's farm had provided donkeys and goats. A falconer had come with three birds of prey. Children could try archery and fighting with (wooden) swords. Adults could try and buy a bit more serious stuff.
At the end of the day a ship arrived on the river IJssel with "enemies" from Zwolle. A battle breaks out and the knights come to the rescue. In the end a truce is arranged and everyone gathers to eat and drink together.

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  1. We have a thing here called the Renaissance fair. It sounds very similar to your Medieval Kampen - but of course, this is more commercial. I wonder what real mustard is... :)


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