Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Olive Riley (1899-2008)

Olive Riley

“If a woman who left school in 1914, can embrace the internet in her 106th year, what is there you can’t do, friend?”

Some time ago I told you about Olive Riley, world's oldest blogger. I'm sad to tell you Olive has left us... At the age of 108 she passed away peacefully in the nursing home on July 12th. I was a regular visitor of her blog "The Life of Riley" and I will miss her messages dearly. I posted my favourite Olive-quote next to her picture in this post. Just one of her witty and wise sayings... She will be missed by her many many blogging friends all over the world. We all knew it was bound to happen, but didn't we all wish she would become at least 208 years old!

Farewell dear Olive!!

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  1. I've red about it too - soooo sorry, but she has lived a rich life and is a role model and a light house in blogsphere!


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