Thursday, July 31, 2008

Vote for Foofur!

Foof with bone Foofur is featured today on the One Million Pet Pics blog. It has been in the works for over 2 years now. The ultimate goal is to feature one million (or more) pets. Anyone can send in a picture, just fill in the form. I love to look at all the cute pets and their stories.
I decided to submit one of my favourite pictures of Foofur, made 5 years ago when we were rebuilding downstairs. Many of you will recognise it, I guess. :-)

Would you please go over to Foofur's post and vote for him? We thank you in advance!


  1. Oh he is sooo cute !

  2. OMG! Looove those soulful eyes! *wg*

  3. Such a darling woofie! I voted and also made a comment in which :::whispering::: I misspelled his name! Please forgive me. :0

  4. What a cutie!! Voted for him, of course! Couldn't disappoint those puppydog eyes!

  5. foofur is soooooo sweet looking in that picture,, those puppy dog eyes, i will try and figure out how to vote for him lol... btw i love love that musical the raven! thanks so much for introducing me to it, i love that poem too, something about the rythym and the rhyme make it all the more haunting and poignant... thanks sooooo much for giving me comments! :)

  6. Thanks for letting us have Foofur on our site.


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