Monday, September 15, 2008

Robbie always does the trick! :-)

RWThis morning I was feeling down. Not sure why, just woke up that way. Happens sometimes. After my Wii Fit training and breakfast it wasn't much better. I decided to appeal to Robbie Williams and his music to crack me up! Often I go for a DVD Robbie-marathon, this time I plunged into the 100+ GB of Robbie on my computer.
I started with a (slow) live performance of Take That's version of "Could it be magic" followed by a (upbeat) remix of that same song mixing TT and Donna Summer. I never was a huge TT-fan, I just liked a few songs especially. Later I discovered those were exactly the songs in which Robbie did the lead! I watched some videoclips, listened to a lot of songs, sang along, danced... Of course my favourite "Feel" but also less-known ones and golden B-sides. And yes... in the end I felt sooo much better! Thanks, Robbie!

Unfortunately most of the news we hear about Rob these days is gossip and paparazzi stories. If we're "lucky" it's new gossip, but most of the time it is news with a beard as long as Methusalem's... You know, if Rob himself tells something I'm always interested. For the rest, let the man have some privacy! It would be great if he found the love of his life, but I'll wait until he introduces her. His spare time is just that, HIS spare time; I hope he enjoys himself. :-)
I often visit his official website to see whether there is real news, I'm also an Inner Sanctum member. Last week I read that a famous Dutch DJ (Sander van Doorn) reworked one of Robbie's songs. The new track is called "Close My Eyes" and I could download it for free.
Sure, I'm waiting for really new material. A second swing-album would be great, any new album and/or single would be very welcome, a new tour would be fabulous... I'll just sit and wait! ;-)


  1. Now why don't you email him, through his website or something, and ask/beg for a new song?? It might work, you never know.

  2. He's just so cute! mmmmm ;)

    Claudia from Denver Cereal

    (hey I did entrecards because of you and Ivanhoe. This is my serial fiction blog! :)

  3. Tink, I'm glad that I copuld stop by today I have been with out power sine Sunday thanks to hurricane Ike or what was left of him.

  4. Hi....
    Thanks to comment in my blog and about my painting.
    I like your blog...
    Btw, do you mind if you add my blog into your blogroll???

    Cheers - Leet

  5. Hi Leet! Of course don't mind. :)

  6. yuummmm the pic!

  7. Hey Tink,
    It's great to know what helps you when you're not quite yourself. I love music too!


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