Wednesday, September 10, 2008


My 40th birthday party last Saturday was a big success! I had the time of my life and I won't forget this evening for the rest of it. Around 50 to 60 people celebrated with me and according to the enthusiastic reactions they definitely had a good time too. Family and friends mixed and mingled.

I had asked for money because I want to get a particular meditation chair I have seen on a fair. Everyone was very generous and we have already ordered the chair; it will be available in a few weeks. I even have money left. I also got a lot of cards, flowers, Tink stuff, a 2009 calendar, a book, a selfmade "bonbonnière" with chocolates, filled medicine bag... I'm making a Slide-show of my gifts for the Thursday thirteen tomorrow.

IJs of took great care of the music (much Robbie of course, 80's and lots more). Singer Rudie Crossman did several performances, he's an entertainer pur sang. I have uploaded a 2 min. video to YouTube. He also sang "Proud Mary" where Ron did the low Ike-voice; unfortunately that's not on video! With Gerard (who is a Rod Stewart fan) Rudie did "Sailing" and I did a bit of singing along too. With friends I also did the backing vocals and dancing, *lol*!

About being 40, Audrey Hepburn was right: nothing changed. :-) On the party some people asked about it. My answer was: you know, I'm feeling better and happier with myself than when I was 30. Life goes on, any age!

All the pictures are in a Picasa webalbum. Enjoy!


  1. That was a party to beat all parties, Tink! That's so cool that you'll have your special chair soon. We love the video and pictures, but we're not certain which one is you!

    I hope I have a birthday party like that this year. :)

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Sorry i am late wishing you a wonderful birthday.

    I am very interested in the meditation chair you ordered. Do you have a picture or a link to the site?


  3. @ Lux: Ron and I are on the cover picture of the album. I have long blondish hair, wearing a brown shirt with white/blue flowers and leaves.

    @ Candy: :)

  4. Anonymous10/9/08 22:39

    Happy Birthday!!!

    Sounds like you had a well-deserved wonderful time. I hope youll be posting pics of your meditation chair when it comes.

  5. Happy belayed birthday ! what a nice feast, just had a look on your pictures. I remember my 40th was also very nice with a birthday party. My 50th I celebrated in the USA under a sequoia tree with an hamburger, my 60th I don't even remember but now at my 65th it was a big feast again !


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