Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Boris isn't well

Boris in LierOne time (just before we went to Lier in June) Boris couldn't hold his pee and let it go, although I had taken him out for a walk not too long before. Strange but not immediately alarming. In Lier he had the time of his life walking around outside all day on the property. We checked him every day for ticks and took them out. He swam a lot and was very happy.
When we got home he was a bit apathetic and wanted to be taken out a lot to pee. We blamed that on the transition of being home again and inside most of the time. He has always drunk and peed a lot, but we decided to go to the vet on Monday to let him check just to be sure. He also had a foul smell with him.
The Sunday before that we went to the woods as always. When Ron and I are together the dogs walk without a leash. They are friendly and playful and don't do any harm. Boris went swimming in the big pond. When we had almost finished our walk, a dog came towards us. Boris was wagging his tail and they sniffed at each other. Suddenly Boris attacked and grabbed him in the neck and wouldn't let go. Ron had to come between and jerk him away. We were flabbergasted! Luckily the other dog had long hair and didn't have anything. At that moment Boris seemed furious, but within minutes he was normal as always. Now we were really worried!
That Monday the vet discovered a "hot spot", a localized area of skin inflammation and infection, hidden in the thick fur in his neck. He said the attack most probably was caused because the other dog touched the hot spot. I hadn't seen that, but it seemed plausible. We got something to treat the spot and left.
In the last two weeks we took care of the spot, but it doesn't get better. He still is a bit apathetic and he lost weight he can't really miss. He got more incontinent. Yesterday morning when Ron got up, Boris was laying in his own urine. We went to bed late that night, so he had been out only a few hours before. We went to the vet yesterday and again this morning. We have collected some urine, blood has been taken and he has gotten Prednoral ( a shot at the vet's and pills for home). The urine and blood will be tested and we'll get the results tomorrow or Friday.
*fingers crossed*


  1. Poor Boris. Let us know when you have news? Purring for him!

  2. So sorry to read that about Boris. How old is he ? I only hope he doesn't suffer too much, being incontinent is terrible for a dog !
    I have problems now with my cat Lisa, she is 18, completely deaf, and poos besides her litter box. I have to lock her in a room during nights, which she likes so she is not bothered by the others. She doesn't suffer, purrs and eats a little so we will see. If it's getting worse I'll call the vet to come and help her to go to the bridge. I don't want to insist, she had a good life.

  3. So sorry to hear about this - I know Boris means a lot to you and hope for the best.


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