Monday, July 27, 2009

Good news!!!

This morning we called the veterinary specialists clinic in Amsterdam for Boris. They could squeeze us in to make an ultrasound of his abdomen: kidneys, bladder, etc. Without any problems Boris let us put him in the awkward position on his back. Ron held his head / front and I was at the back, but we didn't really have to hold him tightly. His belly was shaved, water and jelly applied, but he didn't utter a sound.
The radiologist showed us what he was doing and explained what we saw. The kidneys looked good, structure and size okay. In one of them was a little cyste, but it was so small that couldn't have caused Boris' symptoms. His bladder showed an inflammation, he has cystitis. His prostate was enlarged. These things together explain all the symptoms, including the aggression towards the dogs he attacked.
With the results we went to our vet. He chemically castrated Boris to bring the prostate back to normal proportions. He got an antibiotics shot and pills against the cystitis. To gain the weight he lost we have permission to spoil him rotten. :) His food is very good, but he needs more fat and a little extra to come back to his normal weight. In three weeks his urine and perhaps blood will be tested again to see how he's doing. His hotspot is almost healed.
Of course the radiologist and vet can't look into the future, but there's no immediate cause for worry, nothing life-threathening. Yay!!


  1. That sounds really good! Yay indeed!

  2. Very happy for you ! these are really good news !

  3. Anonymous29/7/09 20:50

    Good to hear, your dog is better. Had serious problems with my Mashka last month, too, but she is fine now again. Had to leave her at the clinic for 9 days and in between I really feared, I had to have her put to sleep - but thankfully she recovered - finally. Liver problems. No real cause. Just all of a sudden the liver produced stuff, that damaged the liver.
    It's so good to hear, your dog has come around again - as has Mashka. Teatime

  4. Poor Boris. It sounds like he's being a saint through all this. Great to hear your news. Purring everything will be 100% in a day or so.

  5. am happy to know that there is nothing to worry about

  6. What great news - I'm so happy for you!

  7. What a good baby that he let all that be done! I'm so glad he should be alright! Spoil him rotten! :)


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