Monday, October 10, 2005

Make me pure... but not yet!

Yesterday evening I went to the live cinecast in Amsterdam of the concert Robbie Williams was doing in the Velodrome in Berlin. It wasn't meant to be yet to see him really live, I guess. First I couldn't go to Berlin to buy a ticket in September, then the girls who did go didn't succeed in getting me one. I didn't have the money when I was offered a ticket with accommodation, I just missed out on tickets for the try-out in Paradiso in Amsterdam, didn't have luck in any of the competitions to win tickets... But thanks to my friend and fellow-fan Safchenka I did have tickets for the cinecast in the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam. Yay!!

The concert was absolutely amazing! It was a mix of old and new stuff. I already ordered the new CD with DVD "Intensive Care" at CDWOW (only €14,99 and free delivery worldwide). From what I've heard it definitely is the best album he ever made. I can't wait to get it home! Rock, pop, ballads: he has it all! I especially loved the song he wrote for Elvis Presley: "Advertising Space"; to me it has the potential to become a big hit. But all the new songs sounded great!
Rob performed with a broken bone. He slipped and fell while playing football in Berlin on Friday, breaking a bone in his right arm. But he told the audience: "It's a special occasion. I've had an injection and now I can't feel a thing." Later in the concert you could see it was really starting to hurt a lot but he went on, as fabulous as ever. He seemed so much at ease and enjoying himself. He was moved by the reception he got all evening from the audience. When the crowd sang "Angels" to him, tears got in his eyes (and mine...).
No need to tell you who featured in my dreams tonight...... ;-)


  1. Wat leuk dat je toch naar het concert kon!

    Blessed be...

  2. Zeker! Ik geniet nog steeds na en verheug me nu al op de echte concerten volgend jaar!

  3. Goed voor je Tink! Klinkt alsof je een fantastische avond hebt gehad in mijn stad:-)))

    Dikke zoen en tot snel,


  4. from what I heard about the things that happened before the concert, while waiting, you were better off in your cinema seat ..

    Things like (quote from posts on one fan-site)
    non-surgical breast-removal ..
    a too intimate contact with a concrete pillar ...

  5. I'm afraid I would even be prepared to go through those things to see Rob live... I know, I'm crazy! ;-)

  6. Hey meid

    ben nu wel een beetje jaloers hoor



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