Tuesday, October 25, 2005

OMG Rob...

Shortly before X-mas the new Robbie Williams site will be launched. The most exciting ever created, they say. There will be an Inner Sanctum again; paid this time, but with very interesting special benefits. I just need a creditcard to join and I don't have one.

In one of the RW mailing-lists I got a preview of the promotion clip. See and judge for yourself. I love most of it, but the last two shots... hmmm, I don't know... Without those it would be a fabulous promo; no need for the willy & nipple part. I'm no prude at all, but it just doesn't add something for me. He is looking a bit awkward himself in the last shot.
Nevertheless it makes me laugh out loud too, because it is just so... Rob to do this! He does have the gorgeous body to pull it off! The whole thing must be a joke to make sure the world will talk about it. In which case they succeeded. ;-)

1 comment:

  1. ik hoef willie en zijn rest ook niet. Maar het is wel een lekker ding
    liefs Laïs


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