Monday, October 31, 2005

Medieval Halloween party

Fridaynight I was invited to a Medieval Halloween party at Lothanna's place in Leiden. I didn't have any clothes to dress medieval or halloween-y so I borrowed Monique's dress again. In the afternoon I had bought a black witches hat with a buckle and a diadem with red devilhorns to complete my dress up. Ron and I had fun with Boris as we tried to make him look evil. Did we succeed... or not? Ron also made pics of me. I hate posing, but okay... Tink in a dress and make-up is pretty rare! ;-)
I arrived around 10 pm (hurray for car navigation!). The place was decorated in Halloween style, spooky but beautiful. The guests had done their best to dress up accordingly. Snacks and other food were provided and everyone brought something to drink (diet Coke for me as usual). In the hall was an ancestor altar where you could light a candle. The living room had a dancefloor with seats around it and a floor below was a lounge with big armchairs. I didn't know everyone that was present, but that didn't matter much. I also met old acquaintances and friends. I danced, talked, laughed... I had a great time! Before I knew it was very, very late... or early! ;-)


  1. Sounds like you had a nice time. Last Samhain we went to a local witches ball, but We didn't do any parties this year. I am just going to spend a quiet night at home. We should have little ones coming by for candy.I always enjoy seeing them. Enjoy your day

  2. We don't have Trick or Treat over here, such a pity. Tonight I'm going to a Halloween movie evening at a friend's place in Amsterdam.
    Happy Samhain!

  3. And then our Halloween: not aware of it (of course) and trying to satisfie the children at the door with spiced biscuits from the Netherlands ..... boohoo.

  4. Poor kids! Opletten volgend jaar dus. ;-)
    St. Maarten is niet meer wat het geweest is, dus dan vind ik Halloween leuker.


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