Monday, October 24, 2005

One Word

Two weeks ago I got something in my e-mailbox that I decided to copy and send to my friends:
One Word
Describe me in one word - just one!
Send it to me (only me),
then forward this email to your friends
and see how people think about you.
Reply, it's fun!
Well, I can tell you it was a smash hit for my ego! ;-) It was so much fun to see the replies coming in. If you didn't send a reply yet, feel free to do so or post it here.
I'll share with you what I got back:
  • congenial
  • enthusiastic
  • pure
  • dear
  • honest
  • magic
  • Tinkerbell
  • friend(ly)
  • loyal
  • gezellig (Dutch word, no fitting translation)
  • attentive
  • understanding
  • helpful
  • intelligent
  • lil' sis
  • thoughtful
  • strong
  • twinsister
  • relaxed
  • persevering
  • animal-lover
  • spiritual
  • gentle
  • generous

A girl could get cocky from less, huh? To be honest my first instinct is to name all my vices to balance this list. Unlike me, I'm NOT going to do that; I challenge myself...

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