Friday, June 23, 2006

Rob's Arena

And now for something completely different....
Yesterday I went to my first Robbie Williams concert in the Amsterdam Arena. Mum had made me promise in the hospital that I would go and enjoy myself. Months ago the F-gang (forum-gang) from the RW forum agreed to go very early in the morning so we would be on front row. The girls had contacted me last week about it. I didn't know whether I would be able to manage that now. They said I could come later and they would see to it that I have a place with them. And they did! Ron dropped me around 11am. It was crowded already, but I just walked to the front and sat down. The waiting wasn't as tiring as I anticipated. It was long, but it was a nice group and I was as comfortable as possible. When we were allowed into the stadium, we had to run to the podium. Nothing for me, but again the girls had reserved a place for me in the middle of the front row. One of the best places to be!

Again we had to wait. The first support act (Orson) wasn't my cup of tea, but the second (Basement Jaxx) was very good. After that... waiting... and then... there he was! He entered from under the podium and arose right in front of me. I could almost touch him. Wow!! The start of an amazing and brilliant show. He looked as sexy as ever and his performance was the best! I can't believe I looked into those stunning green eyes for real! He sang "old" and new songs, a perfect mix. He did "Me and my shadow" and "Strong" with his best pal Jonathan Wilkes. He chatted in between songs and seemed to have a great time. Well, I sure did! Mum and dad must have been smiling from above when they saw me...

Way too soon the encores were done and the concert ended. In a whirl of exitement we left the stadium. We ate something and drank a lot (Diet Coke). Three of the other F-gang girls came home with me and spent the night at our place. Needless to say what my dreams were about last night. Sigh... Do I really have to wake up...? ;-)


  1. Mmmm, Robbie Williams ... too cute and sexy. I hope it cheered you up heaps, and made you forget stuff for a little while.
    Have a great weekend.
    Take care, Meow

  2. Woooowwwwwww!
    Super :o) (helemaal dat je toch gegaan bent, goed hoor!!!!!!)

    Maarehhhh, wij willen meer Robbie foto's ;o)!

    Kus en knuf,
    Sophie en Denice

  3. I'm so glad you were able to get out. I know it won't stop you from missing your mum, but at lest you had fun for a little while

  4. *zucht* *zwijmel* inderdaad net als Sophie al zei, we willen meer Robbie foto's!! :-)

    Gelukkig heb ik er geen last van gehad woensdag en donderdag, sterker nog er was helemaal geen file!!

    Hou je taai meis, hou dit goede gevoel van het concert maar lekker vast!!

    Dikke kus van je voormalige schone zuster

  5. I am glad you went - you thought of your mum even there - so nobody could accuse you of forgetting her or neglecting her memory - you did what you promised your mum you would do. It was the right thing to do. And that you had fun shows you KNEW it was the right thing to do or you would not have been able to enjoy.
    Mourning is about what you feel in your heart, not about outer actions.

  6. Wat goed dat je toch gegaan bent! Ik ben blij dat je het goed naar je zin hebt gehad en lekker uit je dak bent gegaan!
    Ja .....en helemaal vooraan staan in het midden,is natuurlijk helemaal toppie (weet er alles van haha)
    Geniet er og maar lekker van na!

    liefs Aniet


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