Monday, June 12, 2006

Other stuff

The last weeks life was so hectic I only updated my blog about my mum. Thanks again for your interest and support! I'll still be posting about mum of course, but right now I want to share something else.

We are finally settling in living downstairs. In the beginning it felt like we were in a holiday home or something, I can't explain. There are still things that have to be done, but that's okay. Here are pictures to get an impression:

The dogs are already used to the new situation. Boris also stays downstairs at night and he's fine with that. Foofur still comes with us. When the garage door is open, Sidney (the daughter of our neighbours across the street) comes to play or just be with the dogs. Boris and Foofur obviously like her!
Poemel didn't feel at home at all downstairs. She refused to come down and kept escaping upstairs. In the end we decided to let her live there and now she's happy again. I'm with her often, because my computer is still there. I make time to be with her and give some tlc. It's okay.

The Fifa Football World Cup 2006 in Germany kicked off last Friday. I'm not the biggest football fan, but I like to see the matches of the Dutch national team. The Netherlands fall under a spell and turn orange (our national colour). Saturday Ron and another neighbour from across the street "pimped" his white Fiat Panda (almost ready for the scrapyard) into a Dutch WC-car with BMW-emblems. They attracted a great deal of attention and had lots of fun. The result looks magnificent!
The Netherlands won their first groupmatch against Serbia and Montenegro with 1-0. This friday they'll play against Côte d'Ivoire and on June 21st they meet Argentina.


  1. I love the photos. Your house is very pretty. I think it is fun when my blog friends post pictures of where they live and of themself.It makes everyone much more real. Glad to hear also in the post before this that your mom is getting along ok. I will say a prayer that she is well soon.

  2. Just dropping by to say hi, and sorry I haven't been by much lately. Hope all is well.
    Sending you prayers and best wishes for your mum. Take care, Meow


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