Sunday, June 11, 2006

Closer to home

Friday morning the nurse called me to ask if I wanted to come and see my mum. She was very emotional and sad. Also an assistent-doctor had said some things in a very unpleasant way. Perhaps it was his Amsterdam kind of humour, but I wasn't at all humoured when I heard it. The surgeon had calmed my mum down and given the assistent a piece of his mind. It took some time to come to Amsterdam, but mum was glad to see me. The nurse told us, that the doctor had made arrangements to move her to another hospital (in Haarlem, closer to home) . He knew that would make her happy. I could ride along with the ambulance. She is in a 4-person room, but the rooms are much bigger and more pleasant. I helped her to settle down. All in all it had been a very busy and tiring day, so I went home and mum could take a nap.

Yesterday Ron and I visited her in the afternoon. She was a bit gloomy, but I think we talked her out of it. Ron explained again, what the surgeon had said. The situation isn't hopeless. I understand her feelings, but I refuse to give up or let her do that. At the end she felt a bit better. I went downstairs to get us an ice cream. I have given mum my spare mobile phone, so she can call whenever she wants. I have given the number to my sister and brother and my aunt (her sister). In Amsterdam mobile phones weren't allowed but in Haarlem they are.

Today I went to the evening visiting hour. During the day it was very very hot and I can't stand it. This afternoon I had a terrible headache and felt sick. I decided to lie down under the ceiling fan for a while. After a few hours I felt a lot better, so after dinner I drove to Haarlem.
When I arrived the priest from mum's church was there. I had tried to reach him several times and left messages, but hadn't heard anything. It turned out he had a new mobile number, because he is moving to Belgium. He apologized, but I was just glad he showed up. I know mum wanted to see him before he left for his new post. He promised to stay in touch.
Mum told me she had had 2 bleedings today at the end of her chest wound. There was an extravasation that sent off blood to the outside instead of inside. Nothing too serious, it was solved. It showed her why she can't go home yet though. She wants to, but understands she has to recover some more.

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