Thursday, June 08, 2006

Hospital day

Yesterday morning I left for Amsterdam again. When I arrived my mother was on the Special Care Unit. She told me her personal nurse there reminded her of Wonder, so she felt at ease with him at once. We laughed about it. She was very awake and conscious.

We didn't have to wait long before the surgeon came. He told her the bad news without evading, but in a very caring way. As I expected it hit her very hard, it was a huge disappointment. She cried and asked "how long?". But the doc explained that's not the question to ask at all. Okay, this is a major setback, but they don't give (her) up yet! He is going to talk with her cardiologist and lung specialist to see what else can be done. It won't be better, but they can try to hold the situation stable for as long as possible. It is bearable and she can still do things.

There is a ray of hope. When the surgeon had a good look at the heart during the operation he found it to be in better shape than expected. It wasn't that enlarged and the colour was reasonably good. The problems my mum is having seem to be caused mainly by her lungs, so that's where the focus will be at first while monitoring both heart and lungs. Another plus: she is determined to persevere in the non-smoking. We'll do all we can to help her.

All the tubes and other stuff are off, she only has a drip in her arm for medicine and blood samples and sometimes some extra oxygen. She is back in the ward and has a room all to herself. That's what she wanted. While we were moving her there we bumped into Sorcha and Luna, two friends of mine. They had to be in the hospital so they decided to bring mum a little present, an artificial rose with a card. Mum and I both appreciated that very very much! I pinned the rose to the notice board on the wall she looks at, together with a card I sent through the OLVG website.

I have spent the morning and part of the afternoon in the hospital. Ron hadn't seen her yet after the surgery, so we visited together in the evening. I bought her one of the gossip magazines. She really tries to see things positive, I'm so glad she does! Of course she cries from time to time, but I would be worried if she didn't. For the most part she is positive and already wants to go home!
When we returned home a lot of people were calling to hear how mum is. Ron volunteered for telephone service, so I could rest.


  1. het zal vast een grote schok voor haar geweest zijn, maar zoals je zelf al zei, het is heel goed dat ze positief blijft denken. En wat goed dat ze toch eindelijk dat roken heeft opgegeven! Misschien dat dat ook nog verlichting brengt nu het grote probleem toch de longen blijkt te zijn.
    Heel veel sterkte aan je moeder en natuurlijk ook aan jullie, en anderen die haar na staan,


  2. sorry to hear about your mom. I'm sending you good vibes.

  3. I know this must be so very hard on all of you. I am sending good thoughts your way

  4. Tink, I am so sorry to read that the surgery did not go as planned. You and your mom are in my thoughts.

  5. I wish you the very best....


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