Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Bloggers Postcard Exchange

In May this year I joined the Bloggers Postcard Exchange, a worldwide swap of local postcards by bloggers. I have sent out 8 cards of IJmuiden and so far received 5 cards in return. After mum's death it was calm for a while. Last week I got a card of Brisbane from Tey. I had already sent out my card to her. I'd love to exchange more cards with my blogging friends, so:

Do you have a blog? Blogspot, web-log, LiveJournal, doesn't matter where. I'd be happy to exchange postcards with you and link back to your log on my website. Just send me an e-mail to swap addresses!

You can see all of my cards at the special page I made for this exchange on my website.


  1. I think I maybe be one of the bloggers that owes you a card..If I am remembering right we moved, and I never sent one to you..Oopss sorry..I need your address again..

  2. Can you tell me how this works? Will we be able to send Christmas cards this waY

  3. @ autumn: you've got mail!

    @ ellee: It's easy. We just send each other a card! That's all, but you can read more about it on the page on my website (link in original post). The swap is meant for cards from where you live, but christmas cards is fine by me too! Or why not do both?

  4. I would love to exchange some postcards. I am currently working in Antarctica and I love to receive postcards from people. I wouldn't mind sending some myself.

  5. I'll send you my address, Ana!


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