Sunday, September 24, 2006

Witchy Girls Night 7

Yesterday I attended the 7th Witchy Girls Night. This time Sorcha chose a location outside: an almost deserted part of the beach of Zandvoort. The weather was great for this time of year and the sky was beautiful pink and blue. We met each other on the end of the boulevard and first had something to eat and drink in Havana.
We walked along the beach and settled for a nice spot at the edge of the dunes. We made an altar from sand and decorated it with the things we brought. The theme of the Mabon-ritual was water, so we put the altar in the west. We made circles around it with candles / tea-warmers and sunflowers. In each direction we placed a bowl with some fruit (harvest). It looked wonderful, also when the darkness came.
The ritual itself felt really powerful and did me a lot of good. I was at the south this time, calling the element of Fire. That was the first time in a group ritual, but it felt ok. At one point we threw runes. My rune was Naudhiz (read here and here) and Luna's explanation was so true, bull's eye! One of the Girls had brought mugwort tea, strange taste but not nasty.
After the ritual we cleaned up and only left natural materials: the circle of sunflowers, the harvest fruit and on the altar pentagrams of wooden twigs. I'd like to have seen the faces of the people who first found our spot today! ;-)


  1. You remind me often these days that I need to bring ritual back into my life. It sounds like it was an amazing evening. I will be interested to read about what the rune portends for you this season.

  2. Typisch, dat van die runen...
    (zie mijn email bij de olde school)
    Het ritueel klinkt erg indrukwekkend!

  3. Hey Tink, just dropping by to say hi. Hope you are well. Have a great week. Take care, Meow


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