Friday, September 29, 2006

Paradise in Lier

Wonder has been staying in a friend's country home in Lier (Belgium) since Sunday. He invited us to come and relax. Yesterday Ron and I drove over there. We left around 7am, because we knew we would get into traffic jams. Wonder called when we were on the ring road of Antwerp. He was just awake and we were almost there. :-) We arrived at 10am.

The piece of land is hidden away and seems to be on the edge of nowhere. It is huge (to our city standards), but not completely open. The house is situated on the bank of a little lake. Everywhere around it are hidden spaces, connected through beautiful and natural paths, bridges, etc. There is a circle made of rune signs, a spot with a big tipi, a small and a large sweat lodge and much more to discover. I have great pics, but I won't reveal everything. Let's just say the title of this post really does it justice!

We walked around, sat in the sun, talked, relaxed... We felt so good there! Ron decided to make a fishing rod of bamboo, a piece of thread and a paperclip. And it worked; he catched a little roach! The place worked wonders for Ron. He just sat there and enjoyed himself; no stress, no worries, away from it all. He wanted to stay behind when Wonder and I went to Lier itself.

Lier is a wonderful old town with medieval roots and modern accents. It has lovely streets and alleys, nice shops and old buildings. The bridges over the river Nete are decorated with an abundance of flowers. We drank something in the square by the Zimmer tower (with Jubel clock). We visited a magical shop named De Mysticus with a broad esoteric assortment. After all that we did some shopping for the barbecue.

When we got back Ron was still fishing. I had to rest for a while because we had walked a lot. Foofur and Boris loved the land, all the green and so much space! Ron and Wonder prepared the barbecue. We were quite hungry! When the last food was on the barbecue Wonder screamed "Help!" from inside the house. The toilet didn't flush and the living room was partly flooded. With a lot of towels the problem was solved and Ron fixed it as far as possible. We drank something inside, I slept for a while and around 10pm it was time to go. Reluctantly we said goodbye and left for the return trip. Because of road maintenance we needed 3 hours to get home. Exhausted but relaxed and satisfied we went to bed. A mini-vacation in a day!


  1. Sounds nice!

    Thanks for visiting my tt. I did have a good time, despite all those gripes.

  2. Whiiii! *bounces*

    This is great - I got this feeling when I read your comment on my TT and saw your site - I thought, Hmm, I wonder if it's Tink the PCF - and you are!

    This is Wunderwesen, in case you remember me ;)

    *loves the internet*

  3. First time I every say a tipi in pastal.
    Never heard of a roach fish. I asked my hubby is he saw anything like your fish and he said "no". Sounds like you two had fun.

  4. Het klinkt en ziet er geweldig uit!


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