Sunday, September 03, 2006

New Wheels!

Yesterday we bought another car. We drove a BMW 318iS from 1992. I have driven a lot with it, in the neighbourhood and long trips. He never let us down, but Ron forsaw some big/expensive repairs in the near future. We were already looking for a stationwagon, in BMW-terms a Touring. Two weeks ago we made a testdrive and yesterday we closed the deal.
We now have a BMW 318i Touring Executive from 1999. Both pics are from our car, but the one on top was taken in dark weather, the bottom one in the sun. This afternoon we have taken him for a drive. It really is a magnificent car; I'm sure we'll become friends! ;-)


  1. Anonymous3/9/06 22:30

    Toppie!!!! :o)

    Sophie en Denice

  2. Its a beautiful car! Congratulations! We need a new car bad. Sunfires are not good for small children.

  3. Nice looking car. We pay $3.09 for a gallon of gas now here in Idaho.


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