Tuesday, September 12, 2006

This and that

The kittens are doing fine! Bastet is settling in. She and Freyja squabble a bit, but they wash each other and sleep together also, on their own or with me. When Bastet wants some rest alone, she sleeps on the radiator. Both Freyja and Bastet eat and drink very good and they are both clean (house-trained).

Tomorrow morning Joke, Gerard and I are going to scatter mum's ashes on a special place on the cemetery; the same place we scattered dad's ashes. It will be very emotional again, but it's good to have some kind of closure.

Tomorrow evening Ron will bring me to Twinkle to stay the night. Together with her and Hanneke I'll fly to London Stansted. I know them from the Robbie Williams forum and we'll meet some others in London. We call ourselves the F-gang (F for forum). My F-gang t-shirt (left on the front, right on the back) arrived today, just in time! Friday night I'll wear it at Rob's concert in Milton Keynes. We bought tickets for Wembley Stadium, but it wasn't ready in time. That means we'll have to travel by train for an hour. Ah well, that won't spoil the fun! I'll be back sunday evening.


  1. wat is Bastet ontzettend klein!!!! En zo aandoenlijk :)
    Heel veel sterkte vandaag, en ook gelijk heel veel plezier morgen!


  2. Bastet is beautiful! what a lovely colour too. I've just read your comment on my kitty blog (you commented in August) and I didn't realise they were being moderated. Hmmm it's taken me a month to figure that out lol. Anyway thanks :=)


  3. Anonymous30/9/06 19:03

    Ah! now I know where the F from F gang stands for! F stands for Fragola! (strawberry in Italian...)!

    Love, Wonder!


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