Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Druid Podcast

Through Witches Weekly I heard about something unfair and in my eyes sick and cruel. I'll copy the synopsis from Lady Tawodi's log:

Druids have Equinox Ritual. Christians go “undercover” and record the ritual without the Druids knowledge or consent. These include Kirk Cameron from “Growing Pains.”
Christians put recording up on website as a podcast, being blatantly ignorant and full of bigotry.
Download or listen:
here (right-click and save link as)
A disrespect to those poor folks out at
Ravens Cry Grove, ADF.

I've listened to it and I'm baffled. I hope (and know) these so-called christians are not representative of Christians in general. The Christians I know don't break the law or ridicule another religion, even when they are not that comfortable with it. But I'm not naive either: I know there are groups that do those things... Just one word: sick!


  1. This is really sick, why can't people just respect other people's believes, cultures and ways.
    All I can say is that the people who do this are of the lowest kind, no intelligence what so ever and they think they are better then others.
    Again, I am ashamed to be human.

  2. I fully agree with Nathalie !

  3. I'm sorry that Christians did that disrespectful act. (I couldn't listen because my audio isn't working right now.) I consider myself to be a Christian, and my beliefs would never let me do such a sneaky thing. God tells us to be honest and straightforward--and love others. That was not a loving act.

    I have a couple of questions. What is "aquaspinning"?

    And also, I'd be interested to know how you got to be a witch? On my blog, I was involved with a "Bloggy Tour of Faith" last week--or maybe I have forgotten the exact name. Anyway, I explained how I came to be a Christian. Do you have something like that? Or if not, would you write it and let me know?


  4. Thank you Judy, I always try not to generalise; that wouldn't be fair.
    Aquaspinning is a form of fitness on a special hydrobike in the water. It has the advantages of "dry" spinning with the natural resistance of water.
    You can read something about my path on a special page of my website (, but I'll make a new post on my blog about it too. Great idea!

  5. Anonymous15/1/07 02:15

    Unfortunately, this validates some of those hard feelings I have towards "Organized religion" and their hypocrisy. Love thy neighbor, but only if they believe what I believe and how I believe it. It's really hard to listen to and SO closed minded. How do we know if we are right? How do THEY know they are right? Same questions can be shot back at them. There only answer is an old book written by are fallible. The arrogence and disrespect is amazing! And this is why most people that are not Christian are still hiding in the closet. What amazes me the most is that they were also down on other Catholics that attend church. I mean...WOW! Even a Protestant isn't good enough for them. Who ARE these people to look down their noses at others!?


  6. What I would like to see is something like what A.Crowley did...CHARGE MONEY to the public to come SEE the rituals ...THEN...create a ritual out of psalms 109 (The Christian Curse) and aim it at the Vatican...But then again, I'm not wiccan, or Druid, or Christian...I'm Tuatha De Danann, we have living laws :)

  7. Tried to access this. It said ""page not found"". Was it removed?

  8. The Tawodi-post is still there, but the recording has been removed. I still have it on my pc if you are interested.


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