Sunday, October 08, 2006

My path, my faith

Judy Callarman asked me in a comment on the Druid Podcast post how I have come to be a witch. I have written something about it on a special page of my website, but I'll post about it here somewhat more.

I am raised as a Roman Catholic, but I have always missed things in that religion. For example the female aspect of deity: I believe in one God and one Goddess, sometimes acting under different names but all manifestations of the same. Like everything in nature there has to be a balance: the God can't exist without the Goddess and vice versa. Apparently I was thinking about that very early, because my mum told me I had asked my dad when I was in early primary school: "But dad, how do you know God is a man? You've never seen that! Why wouldn't it be a woman?"
I love nature in all its splendour and care deeply for Mother Earth. I cherish every living being big or small. I love animals to the point that I don't kill flies and spiders, but try to get them outside.
From childhood on I have always been interested in spiritual things like meditation, divination and magic. I've read a lot about it and tried some things on my own, but didn't give it a name. Because of personal issues and problems I didn't come to do something with it in a really active way. But right at the moment I needed it, my path unfolded.
When I got access to the internet, a wonderful world of information came within my reach. I started exploring and found sites and forums full of kindred spirits. I discovered the Craft that had everything in it I was looking for: the balance of male and female deity, the spiritual interest and the love of nature. I knew I had a lot to learn, but it felt like coming home. This is what I searched for all along. I've never lost that feeling. I'm happy with my path.
More questions about it? Feel free to ask!

I'd love to read how others came to their path, faith, religion or whatever you want to call it. Leave a comment here or post about it in your own blog and put a link in my comments. You can link to this post, but that isn't necessary. I'm very interested in your stories!
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  1. Tink--
    Very interesting. I looked up your web site that you had linked here, and I have a question about a statement you made there. You said something like "I had to get even with the Catholic God." Does that mean you were angry with him?

  2. No, not angry. But the Catholic God has another position in his religion than the God in the Craft. The whole concept is different. Witches respect and honour the God and Goddess, but they work with deity, not for or under God. I understand you see it different, that's okay of course. My English isn't good enough to explain, but I hope you get my point.

  3. I'm still learning my way around oh so many paths and ways.
    In my path I'm not comfortble with fear

  4. heel interessant Tink, en ook knap dat je het kan opschrijven, ik weet niet of ik het met woorden kan vangen.

  5. Yes, I think I understand what you mean--so you believe that you are equal with your gods. You don't actually worship and serve them, but work with them.

    I don't know--I don't think I would have the self-confidence to be "equal." In my human frailty I don't have the strength, wisdom, and courage to try to solve everything myself! I need God.

  6. Equal is a big word; not subordinate if that's the word. The God and Goddess are wiser, stronger, etc. so we are not equal in that aspect. Perhaps it can be compared to an older, wise man or woman. Also human, but more experienced. And in a way I believe we all have God and Goddess within us, but that's even harder to explain. Hmm, I'm trying to make it more clear but I hope I'm not confusing you instead.
    I really appreciate and enjoy our exchange of ideas, thank you.

  7. A little belated (being unfortunately busy enough to neglect too many of my blogger friends and acquaintances) but if you are curious, my site has an archive marked "White Wolf Posts" that attempts to address the question of how I got where I am on my path. It is a little convoluted and twisted at some points, but it wasn't exactly a cut and dried journey either.

  8. Odd, in a way... I always thought Catholicism, with its emphasis on Mary, was trying to incorporate the feminine...

    on the other hand, the Ancient of Days, talked about in the Jewish scriptures, does really have a feminine aspect (called Shekinah glory)... and that same God expresses feminine qualities "my womb trembles for you"... I do think that this has been unfortunately eclipsed with less-than-rich translations...

  9. I'm a bit belated here... didn't have much time last week to poke around on your website, and now that I've spotted this, I have to say... another witch! Yay! ;-)

    I, too, am a witch, and I got to this point in my path just a couple years ago, and I've never been happier. I'm an ex-Christian whose questions eventually brought me to where I am today. :)


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