Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Sarcoidosis it is

Yesterday I had an appointment with the rheumatologist. Ron had to go to his psychologist, so Wonder went with me. First I had a long talk with the rheumatology intern; she also examined me. She was shocked when she saw my worst ankle. After she consulted with the rheumatologist, he came to me. He looked at my joints, asked some questions and then told me his opinion. For him it is certain without a doubt that I have sarcoidosis. Well, no surprise but still frustrating. He increased the Diclofenac and that's really helping a lot! He also told me that it can last some time before all the inflammations are gone, but that the pain and discomfort I'm experiencing now should be a lot less within a month (or two). I hope so! He'll report his findings to the internist right away. I'll speak with the internist this Friday.
Yesterday evening Wonder and I meditated for half an hour. I was floating and swimming in a clear blue sea with the sun shining from above, nice and comfortable. At one time I was a dolphin, wow! Afterwards I felt so much better, more at ease. I'm going to do it more often.


  1. Nice meditation. I hope it continues to serve you this well. :) Be well.

  2. Meid, die enkel ziet er echt niet uit - sorry dat ik het zeg :) - ik kan me voor stellen dat je daar last van hebt.
    Kan je nog wel je huis door hobbelen ermee??


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