Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I haven't been online for a while. I've had computer trouble, but that's solved for the most part. The other reason is even more unpleasant: I have problems with my joints. My foot (ankle) is still swollen, not only on the inside but also on the outside. My other ankle is hurting too. My left arm has (probably) inflammations from elbow to pulse to the joint of my little finger. They are red, warm and swollen. My right pulse and elbow are also painful. My GP doesn't trust it and has made an urgent appointment for me with the internist (Friday afternoon).
In the meantime I can't do a lot. It's driving me crazy!! I had to pass on the Lucie Silvas concert last Thursday and cancel aquaspinning for the second time. Ron has to help me out around the house and Wonder has helped a lot also. Still, it's frustrating! I want to be there for Ron and now he has to do things all the time: walk the dogs, run the house. I know I can't help it, but... grrrrrrrr!

Monday evening Wonder and I went to a lecture / presentation by Anodea Judith at Selexyz Scheltema in Almere. She is an authority on chakra psychology and has written several very good books about it. She is in Europe to promote her newest book, Waking The Global Heart (in Dutch: Hart Voor De Wereld). I'm so glad I went despite my joints, because it was very interesting! You can read all about it on the special website. Anodea is a very nice and friendly woman. Afterwards she signed her books for us. She looked at me and signed mine with "Blessed Be, Anodea Judith". She had seen my pentacle pendant and asked me whether I was pagan. When I confirmed that she told me she's pagan too. I wasn't surprised though, in the presentation and her books were enough hints.


  1. nou tink, gaat niet lekker hè meis...
    Ik hoop dat je het een beetje uit weet te houden. Forceer niets, en ik hoop dat de internist je gelijk wat duidelijkheid kan geven.
    Sterkte hoor en dikke knuffel!

  2. Sorry you are suffering so... sounds very, very difficult...


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