Monday, March 05, 2007

Birthday Ron

Yesterday was Ron's (42nd) birthday. He hasn't celebrated it for several years, but this year we decided to throw a little party in the evening. It was a great night! Ron could finally use his private bar (older pic) in the livingroom corner with the Beertender I got him for Christmas. Around 4pm the first visitors came and the last went home at 1.15am. It's a pity we didn't have a lot of time to talk some more with everyone; that's why I rather visit a birthday than celebrate one at home. Ron was very tired too, so after we cleared away the mess I sent him to bed. I filled the dishwasher, walked the dogs, checked my e-mail and joined him half an hour later for a well-earned night's sleep. It was a busy day with the dog training, cleaning the house and the party, but it was worth it! Today we gave ourselves the day off to "recover".


  1. alsnog gefeliciteerd!

  2. Happy later birthday !! Prrr!! But you don't invite myself. Sniff!!

    For you!

  3. Hey happy birthday to your hubby.

    It sounds like a great's always a good sign when you are so tired you must have been amazing hosts...and I LOVE the bar picture.


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