Friday, March 09, 2007


Ron has stopped seeing his psychologist. She concentrated too much on the past and Ron wants to go forward. Things have happened in the past, he acknowledges that but doesn't want to get back into that. In consultation with our GP and the company doctor he decided to go to a NLP-practitioner. He has been there for a management course and they hit it off immediately. Ron called him and told about his burn-out. This week he went to the NLP-er for 3 morningsessions of approximately 2 hours. It was tough, but it was a successful start of a new way of thinking. Next week he has an appointment with his boss to talk about work reintegration.

So, how does it work? The idea is to re-programme your brain so you think in another way. Instead of concentrating on the problem, NLP attempts to alter the thought processes that lead your body to behave in a certain way. Once your brain has been retrained to think differently, your actions should change automatically. Sue Knight, practitioner and author of "NLP At Work", describes it like this: 'NLP looks at how people organise their experience. We all have various habits and patterns and once we've learned to do something, we tend to always do it in that particular order or set of circumstances without thinking about it again. NLP helps you become aware of how and what you're doing so you can approach it another way that may produce better results.'


  1. That's really interesting stuff, Tink. I think I already approach things this way -- when faced with a problem, I immediately turn my brain to figuring out how to solve it. (the downside, though, is that when I perceive myself as powerless, I'm a horrid little stress ball)

    Best of luck, guys. Onward from here!

  2. Anonymous10/3/07 16:15

    Almost all therapists want to start from the past before going forward. We are all our inner child within as adults but I agree they can dwell on our past TOO much and block forward healing. The other purpose of that, the longer you go, the more money you make. I have never met anyone who said, "The therpist says I can stop coming now." No, they will keep you coming back forever.

    While I believe our pasts are what brought us to where we are today, I also believe that dwelling on them keeps us from moving ahead.

    I don't blame Ron for quitting.

  3. Anonymous10/3/07 16:17

    Too early here, I just saw my mistake in my previous post. That should be, "the longer you go, the more money the THERAPIST" makes. Sorry, haven't had my caffeine yet, lol.

  4. I understand that in the Netherlands that you have a social medicine.
    Does this include visit to any type of therapists.

  5. In this case Ron's employer pays the bills, but yes, we have insurance for alternative therapies and medicine (with a maximum each year).

  6. I hope Ron keeps having succesful sessions, and his reintegration goes smoothly by the time he is ready for it. Good luck to the both of you :)

  7. This sounds very positive. I thinka variety of approaches to how we look at ourseves is really healthy and maybe even more well balanced because I think we get too caught up in psychology. One thing I've learned is that the memories and pain of some tramas don't go away...but we get stronger. It helps to know that the pain is always there...then we don't feel liek failures...but we always can get stronger and process things in new ways.

    I don't believe anyone is written in stone. since your Ron is openminded...he will be good and work new ways to think.

    Great post. feel a little inspiration? I'm looking for a title for a painting...if you get time I'd love to hear if you have an idea...?


  8. I read a lot about Neurolinguistic Programming a few years ago ... fascinating stuff. It's amazing how the brain works.
    Hope your week is going well.
    Take care, MEow

  9. That was very intersting. I have never gotten around to doing Thursday Thirteen but I do Friday's Feast. I love doing fun stuff like this.


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