Thursday, March 15, 2007

TT #32: my handbag

Thirteen things in my handbag

my handbag

Okay, there were a few more than 13 things, so I had to cheat a bit by putting things together in one item. ;-)

  • black purse with lightgreen stitching, driver's license in black file with 2 brown stripes and storebox for eurocoins
  • iPaq HX2190 Pocket PC in black leather case
  • keys: carkey with BMW-keyring, other keys with RW-keyring and miniature Leatherman tool
  • imitation Leatherman tool with accessoiries in canvas file, a free gift from my bank (Postbank) because I did online banking on a special day (Dec. 5) some years ago
  • Qtek 8300 smartphone with little heart pendant
  • talisman I got from a friend, red little bag with cross stitching
  • silvery box with my various cards
  • Starbucks after coffee mints tin (bought in London) and little green round box with fresh breath mints
  • blue lighter with blue light (if I press on the little black button) - no, I don't smoke, never did
  • grey mirror box, hairbrush, nail file and nail set (clipper & tools) in black file
  • Natrena sweetener dispenser, strip of Rennies (antacids) and Advil-pillbox
  • pictures of my pets
  • little black notebook with blue ribbon

And... I forgot to take my pen out of the bag for the picture. It's a gift and says "Pagan & Proud".


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  1. Cool TT. I carry painkillers around too. Us girls have to deal with too many aches and twinges, but at least we're prepared for them! Thanks for visiting my TT.

  2. Anonymous15/3/07 01:28

    I have decided its better not to carry a handbag unless I am going on a trip. Just take wallet and keys!

    Thanks for visiting me and I will keep it a secret to how smart you are, so we don't spoil it for others.

  3. I need to start using a purse again. I've taken some advils tonight; that is neat seeing a special box for them. You've inspired me to get more organized. :-)

  4. Nice collection you have there. You make me feel like a total minimalist with just wallet, keys, and lipstick.

  5. Cute. You carry pictures of your pets. I need to start doing that. Right now, I just have to pull out my cellphone and show people the photos on that.

  6. Guess you're pretty neat in your bag. Those things were well organized ready for picture.
    My T13 is up too.

  7. "Pagan and Proud" - I love it!

  8. I don't even want to clean out my bag! Offhand, I know that I have Midol (believe it or not for my hubby, he says they're the best things for his headaches), Zyrtec, Advil, and Benedryl.


  9. Wow. I carry my wallet (purse to you non-Americans), three Sharpies in various colors (the things you learn from stage crew), and my inhaler.

    Happy TT, tink!

  10. If I'm ever stranded on a deserted island, I want you with me!

  11. cool list~! Is your bag...heavy? Haha

    Happy TT~!

  12. You fit all that into one small handbag?

  13. My bag usually has my wallet, a pen, painkillers, mirrored compact powder, some sort of sweet, lipstick, a book (I never leave home without that) and various bits of paper or business cards or receipts that I stuff in there for lack of anything else to do with them.

  14. Wow, I love it that you took a pic of your purse and it's stuff too, very good idea.

    I could never do current purse is a MESS! all kinds of things land up piled into it...I'm embarassed looking how lovely and tidy yours is Tink.

    I did it...a short TT list finally!


  15. Wow, I can't believe how tidy everything is. I think I need to get a few tips since my purse os so messy. Thanks for visiting my TT. Happy Friday.

  16. I have the Starbucks After Coffee Mints too! They are the best!

  17. Argh. I keep forgetting to do a TT like that. One of these days.... :)

    And thanks for reminding me--I need to refill the ibuprofen container in my purse. It doesn't help much if it's empty... as I discovered last week when I had a killer headache and nothing to take for it. :(

  18. What a great list! And your purse is so neat and organized. I looked in my Mommie's purse once, and there were loose breath mints, wadded-up Kleenex, loose coins, about 5 pens, and all sorts of junk in there!

  19. Yup, bout as bag gets. I need to stop keeping random bits of paper too!

  20. Not too full, a good mix between the necessary and the frivlous...perfect.

  21. I am LOVING this list. I especially love that you put a picture up with it.

  22. I will never understand womens purses, but I want the pen!

  23. Wow, all those things fitted into that little bag?

    I wouldn't *dare* put the contents of my bag online... mainly because its usually full of nappy equipment. Unused I might add! ;-)

  24. I dont even know if I have 13 things.. well the little items yeah.

    4 different lipglosses
    1 dental floss
    1 wallet
    1 wristlet
    1 eyeglass cass
    1 organizer

    occasionally 1. ipod video 30gb and 1 cellphone.. nope.. thats all. not even 13...

  25. No chewing gums, condoms, lipstick, tissus and cigarettes ? Or are these items part of the not listed things,lol ?

  26. OMG if I emptied out my purse, it would be SUCH a mess! I'm impressed with yours! :)


  27. wow neat and organized, I need to do that with mine. Great list of collection :)

    I usually have gums in my purse too. I need something to chew on every morning when am heading to somewhere. If I have no mints the gums take it place LOL. Love that you put pic of your dog in your handbag.

    Happy TTs!

  28. I used to never carry a purse and never felt stunted by what I didn't have "on me". Now that I do carry one, I wonder how I ever walked around without having all this crap at my fingertips.

    Happy TT!

  29. I always have to carry my lactose pillls, just in case I have a desire to eat something bad for me. The rest of the stuff in my purse is mostly junk.

  30. LOL! I was going to say that it looked like more than 13 things.....

    I don't even want to count up what's in my purse, but perhaps I'll have to now.

    My 13 is up!

  31. I haven't did a tt for a while. I'm one who real don't care a purse much. I either find them to big or small for me.

  32. wow... how organized that little display is. I don't know half of what's in my purse because I throw stuff in there and then never look at it again until it's time to clean my purse. About the only things I know are in there are my migraine meds, my wallet, and a pen.... everything else is just clutter! :)

  33. Great list! I think I did a generic post a year or so ago, cataloging the contents on any given day. We DO carry our lives around in those things, don't we!

  34. Sorry, have been too busy with work and study to do much blogging, and consequently read much blogging. Have been reading up now: loved the pics, curious about the course you're taking (missed that completely), lauged about the handbag. You seem to feel good if I base my opinion on your blog. Happy to see that! Love, Lucienne

  35. I don't have 13 things in my purse but here are some of mine:

    3-jewish star i got in israel
    4-giraffe my bf and i kind of share
    9-cell phone

  36. cute idea for a list. does it look that organized when it is all inside the bag?

    my TT #24 is continued from last week:

    13 more research projects impacted by the impending library closure.

    Also I posted an explanation of the closure last weekend. Sort of.

    Three weeks plus one day. Somebody stop the clock pleeease...

  37. seem like a very organized person.

  38. Your purse is very tidy compared to mine. I really need to clean mine out. Fun idea for a TT!

  39. I carry painkillers with me too :) I get headaches often. I should do this TT list. I bet I'll find some interesting things inside my bag ;)

    Thanks for the visit, Tink.

  40. this was a great idea..thanks for posting this week

    FYI< if you like Christian fiction, I am having a contest on my blog just for a few other fun prizes

  41. Got any catnip in yer purse?!

  42. I'm beginning to wonder since there are 42 comments on your post that we are all curious as to what other people carry in their handbags... I'll have to empty mine out - one day! I can guarantee it will have a drycleaning docket or two or three - I never have them when I go to pick it up.

  43. Very nice! Enjoy your weekend!

  44. Amazing how much you manage to fit in your handbag! I'm hoping to get an iPaq for my birthday - I had one when I was working as an IT Manager, and it was a wonderful piece of technology.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  45. Wow, you are seriously organized. I have a diaperin mine and reciepts and other crap that I am sure is useful somehow. But the little book with lots of pens.that's a must;)

  46. that's some good stuff! nice gadgets!!


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