Friday, May 04, 2007

Full moon ritual

Wednesday evening the inner circle of the Witchy Girls performed the second ritual in the Amsterdamse Bos. Two weeks ago we did the banishing under the dark moon, now it was time for cleansing and celebrating under the full moon.
Again the weather was sunny and dry. We had decided to use the same beautiful spot. It looked much greener and the plants had grown big time. We put up the altar almost the same as with dark moon. We added the head of Hygiea (Greek goddess of health), strawberries and different flowers.

The framework of the ritual was the same, because the two rituals are clearly meant to be a pair. The interpretation was different of course. The tone of this ritual was cheerful and happy. We welcomed each other to the inner circle in two ways: by cleansing with eucalyptus dipped in water with special herbs, and by smudging. We danced around the circle chanting "I sing her praises". For the libation Lothanna baked a cake with "muisjes" ("beschuit met muisjes" is a Dutch tradition at birth) to celebrate the birth of the inner circle. Along with it we had cranberry mead. Afterwards you could see a circle where we sat!


  1. Sounds like a great ritual - I never have the urge to do rituals, exept when I see your experiences with them, they always sound intense.
    BTW, I also have that drum :)

  2. It does indeed sound like a great ritual. I have only performed sporadic solitary rituals. It is hard to find a circle. Thank you for imparting such positive energy into the world.

    Wishing you health, balance, and joy.

  3. Yes, a great ritual, indeed. And, such a lovely spot.

    Blessed Be!

  4. Bright blessings at Beltane- sounds great. I managed to be too ill to do anything unfortunately:(
    A good communal ritual with close witchy friends is always a nice feeling...)


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