Saturday, May 19, 2007

SFGA: Kabbalah

Thursday evening I went to the monthly meeting of the SFGA in Amsterdam. Wonder and I arrived early, so we could eat first. A lot of people had not reacted on the invitation, so we didn't know who would come. Unfortunately it wasn't that busy, but that was the loss of the absent ones! Marco told a very interesting story about kabbalah. I always found it to be quite difficult matter, but I finally get the basics now. Marco based what he told on the ideas by Colin Low. Colin originally posted his notes on Usenet, but kept upgrading his work. Right now you can download the free PDF-file "A Dept of Beginning; Notes on Kabbalah" here. Please note the license conditions, also on the fly-leaf. This book is for personal downloading and use only. Distribution, electronic or otherwise, is not permitted. I already downloaded, printed and binded it. I'm definitely going to work with it.
Of course we also caught up on how everybody's doing, the latest stuff etc. After all that's part of our gang of friends too. :-)
P.S. Last month the theme was divination, but I forgot to write about that!


  1. I have no idea what Kabala is !

    I thought why should I be the only victim amongst a lot of others of being tagged, therefore I tagged you too ! Enjoy yourself by writing seven things about yourself (purr, purr)

    Scrolling down I see that you had already been a victim. Ok, then it's already done, lol !

  2. Hi Tink, je comments doen het niet bij je laatste post :(


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