Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Today Ron has gone back to work. He'll work 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) for 4 hours. There will be someone who helps him reintegrate, starting with adapted tasks. He wasn't really nervous, but felt a healthy tension. It was strange to be up very early and see him leave for work. He has been home since September and I'm used to having him around. I miss him, but of course I'm glad he's doing better. He still has psychological help, but that's a good thing.

My diet is showing ups and downs. I try my best... It seems like the 100kg-limit is playing games with me though. Everytime I get close, the next time at the scales I'm heavier again. Sometimes that's for obvious reasons (ate too much, didn't move enough), but often it's inexplicable and that's frustrating! I mustn't grumble, I've lost 10 kg already. Still, I'll be so glad once I'm on the right side of 100 again...


  1. Hmmmm. I just ate salad while Mr A ate fried fish and chips in front of me....self set challenge and it's killing me....* thinks longingly of days when I was 65kg*

  2. Wat fijn voor je!! :))

  3. I'm happy Ron is doing better!
    And stick with your healthy diet, if you eat normal then you can't do anything but loose weight. Your body is just clinging on to the fat and water, since it's afraid you're letting it starve. Hang in there, be strong - I know you can do it. Just think how good you'll feel when you manage to get below that 100-mark.
    Good luck!!


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