Tuesday, December 11, 2007

CoT #8: holiday decorations

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Cats and holiday decorations are always a good combination for taking pictures... This year was Maia's first encounter with the decorated tree. Very interesting for her! Under the tree we covered all the cords with a tablecloth and some extra branches.

This morning when we came downstairs there was a big mess under the tree: 5 broken balls, all the branches through the living room, the cloth piled up... and three cats innocently sleeping on the other end of the room. Who, us?? No mommy, we'd never do such a thing.......
Luckily most of the time it's just the first night. More balls will get smashed and the tree will continue to attract them though, that's for sure. Today Ron will make a frame of wire mesh and attach the branches, so it won't be that easy again to mess it all up again. No my dearest kitty friends, that's not a challenge... ;-)


  1. Wow, it really sounds like all of you went after the tree! I had my first Christmas last year, and while I enjoying sitting under the tree (an artificial one) I didn't destroy anything. Of course, all of the ornaments on the tree were non-breakable.

  2. Hahahahaha! That's very funny. This year, I am all grown up and I like to sit under the tree, but I do not hurt it. Last year I was only two, and I was a little bit bad.

  3. Christmas fun with cats, lol ! I replaced all balls with plastic once so that when they fall they jump like ping pong balls and can also be used as toy ! You don't see the difference with glass balls. Since we don't celebrate Christmas at home each year we don't have a big tree anymore either (we used to have one from floor to ceiling) now it is one of 1.20 m high and stands on a table. But I am sure that Rosie will find something of which I had not thought !

  4. Oh, no, soory, but it is funny to read !
    We have christmas balls from card or (paper)and from plastic.
    Our cats are grown up this year, hope it will be better :)

    Have a nice day!

  5. Deana@fridaynightfishfryonline.typepad.com11/12/07 17:22

    I am almost sad that mine have gotten to the age that they just ignore it....well they do like to sleep under it ocassionally at night with the lights on them. I miss all the action!

    I love the picture that has your baby sitting up like a little rabbit!

  6. Hehehe, mommie sez dis is y we arnt gonna has a tree dis year. Dat and she tinks I will hurts myself if I twy to climbs it.

  7. Isn't it funny how they all love a Christmas tree? Three of my eight cats are kittens and I knew they would just totally trash the tree, so this year I left all the breakable ornaments off. Smart move on my part, since they have all three climbed it...together!

  8. I quit trying to do anything to keep them away from the tree. I have accepted the fact that every year something will be off the ttree.

  9. I guess Anela must be an angel indeed because she's never gone after our tree. :-) Happy COT!

  10. Ha!Ha! Cats and christmas tree! they enjoy to play with ornaments! I will decorate my house tomorrow...we will see with mine!

  11. good luck with christmas, we have a new kitten and he really likes our christmas tree and the lights and anything that moves...

  12. That is an hilarious story! I feel for you. But you'll keep your sense of humor. Christmas isn't Christmas without kitties!

  13. I think your tree is very beautiful~!!!!!
    And with you, the picture is even more happier.

  14. lol cats can be so funny.



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