Monday, December 10, 2007


Saturday Wonder, Ron and I went to the Midwinterfair in the Archeon (an archeological themepark) . It is a yearly fantasy / gothic / pagan / history fair with many booths, live music, games, roleplaying and lots more!
We were there around 10 am. Ron had never been to the fair (or the Archeon) before, so we first made a global round. I met a lot of friends and acquantances; good to see them again. Pity I didn't talk to Nathalie, but she spotted me! Read her report of the fair here.

In a big tent (Mongolian yurt with stove in the middle and beautiful roof) we listened to the stories of Donderelf; first some shamanic stories and later the story of Balder. I heard it before, but I always love to hear it. Unfortunately Theresia didn't feel well, so we had to miss out on her harp play.
Wonder had his hand read in one of the medieval houses. It was quite interesting. The woman said some really good things. In the same house was a little fire and in front of it was a cat on a stool. I took some time to pet him while warming at the fire.
Between the houses in the Roman village we enjoyed a funny performance of Johannes de Nar (nar=fool). This time his dog also had a role, hilarious!

The weather wasn't really bad, but it wasn't good either. It rained from time to time and the wind was cold. Ron was tired too after a very busy week, so we didn't stay until the end. Pity, because I missed the fire ceremony and circle. Normally I would do another round of booths, but it didn't come to that either. Ah well, better luck next time... I had a great time nevertheless!

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